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05-03-2006, 17:36
My CDT site is more or less updated now. Even made a
few initial journal entries.

You can see it all at:

Unlike past journals, I will not be doing a daily
update. Will instead be doing weekly update or so.

Until my trek is finished, using a blogger software to
make it easier for my friend to copy and paste journal
entries. (You may know Emily. She hiked the AT in
1998, part of the PCT up to Yosemite in 2001. She
volunteered to be my "quartermaster general").

Accompanying on my trip is YoMagLow. YoMagLow is
pocketmail composer tha has been on the CDT in 2004
and 2005. It will be making another debut on the CDT
in 2006. It needs a trail name of its own at this
point. :-) Yogi used it on the PCT in 2002 and 2003
and the CDT in 2004. D-low used it in 2005. I'm using
it this year. Hence the name. Now, we need to find
someone to hike the AT with it....

I am going to have a big thankyou entry soon as well!
(And a little blurb about YoMagLow)

Anyway, check it out. Indepdence Day ain't far away.

05-03-2006, 17:43
Lucky you. Thanks, your website is already bookmarked.

My YoSlyYo only lasted one season before the screen went funky. Pocketmail is a great way to stay in contact. Put me on your group mail if you will.

05-11-2006, 12:44
Its great I'll be able to see where you are at on the trail! Leaving Cuba, NM in the next hour or so - Colorado here I come (about a weekish)
5 hikers in town yesturday myself, salamander, packrat, alden, Greg we lost Homebrew somewhere in the last 2 days??? Gotta love the CDT! I heard there were 8 hikers in Reserve behind us in town at once. More northbounders this year than southbounders rumor has it. Good luck on your start!

05-17-2006, 14:09
We've already met 15 thruhikers this year. In 1999 we only met 8 in six months.

In Reserve we ate supper with the Andiamo Express group - 5 hikers and Pat, plus La Zorra and her trail support, Jerry. Then at Nita's we met the Minnesota Crew (Id, Poly, Esther, Cara and Andrew), Thermo and Five Gallon, and finally Spur and Ready who arrived 15 minutes after the Minnesota crew left. One advantage of being slow - we get to meet everyone as they pass. We also ran into Sidewinder in the Gila. I'm sure whoever is still behind us will soon catch up.

05-17-2006, 14:10
Sorry Blister - that last post was from me, Ginny. I'm using the same computer you used in Grants - and forgot to log in as me.