View Full Version : Den 2????

02-28-2003, 17:21
Any one with good/bad expirience. I have never read anything bad about it. Can anyone tell me about it as I am considering buying it(yes I am aware that the dancing light gear tents are lighter but I don't hike w/ trekking poles and don't want to rely on trees and the weight with poles and stakes would be only slightly lighter than the Den 2 if I would get the tacoma 2 shelter and considerably more expensive than the den. yes hammocks are light but as stated I don't want to rely on trees and I like to camp in real cold weather and sleep on stomach) Any info appreciated cuz I am getting confused about tents :-?

03-03-2003, 21:30
Blue Heron and Paintbrush used one last year.
They seemed to like it. It appears to be
quite roomy,
but condensation may be a problem at times.
It has good ventilation with a huge mesh
door and foot vent, too.

They seem a bit pricey and heavy, compared
to Six Moon Designs and H. Shires offerings.

Check out Warmlites and Aktos, too.

Don't buy any tent weighing over 4#.