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Tha Wookie
05-04-2006, 11:00
As many of you know, you can register a National Trails Day Even with your hiking club or organization for the annual National Trails Day with AHS.

See http://www.americanhiking.org/events/ntd/events.html for events in your area and how you can become involved. I've been a part of them for the past three years, and it is truly a great day for hiking!

I plan on doing this in the US Virgin Islands, on St. Croix, where I will lead a hike and talk about our nation's coastal trails. Anyone is welcome to come;)

My question to Mowgli is: When is the cut-off for submissions for events?

05-04-2006, 11:27
My question to Mowgli is: When is the cut-off for submissions for events?


Good job! An event in the USVI would be sweet! If you could register your event by May 12, you'll be guaranteed to receive your boster/banner combo. The last day we bulk mail them out of Maryland is May 15.

There is no actual cut off date for submissions. Folks can register right up to the day of the event.

I hope some of you will consider following Nate's lead. It could be the start of a fun tradition in your town, or maybe even the start of a new trail club. There is an organizers manual that you can download here (http://www.americanhiking.org/events/pdfs/2006OrgMan.pdf). The link requires you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

My first experience with National Trails Day was in 1995. I ended up getting lost and dehydrated, but I raised about $700 to help preserve Sterling Forest - which was threatened with 14,000 homes and 8 million square feet of commercial office space. I was so proud - because I was the top fundraiser at the Pledge-a-Thon. Good times!