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05-04-2006, 15:20
I have scrimped and saved and managed to be completely debt free. This will enable me to start a thru hike next April. It's later than I'd like to start, but my busy time at the office doesn't slow until April 1.

I live in Atlanta and spend a fair amount of time hiking. I try to spend at least 3 weekends a month in the woods, and I'm in pretty good hiking shape. I plan to try and cover 20-25 miles a day next year, not because I feel rushed, but because doing big mile days is very satisfying to me on some basic level.

I play well with others, and was hoping someone in the southeast might be interested in starting to plan/train for a 2007 thru to ME. While I like big mile days, I am not a Nazi, and am happy to do less if that is what my current partner is in to.

For those interested, I am:

38, white male, divorcee, professional, former marine, avid outdoorsman. I really don't care what sex, age, education level my partner is, I only require that they have a good sense of humor and are reasonably laid back. I also don't care if you are an expert woodsman or a green novice.

I'm also interested in meeting like minded people to hike weekends with, even if your current situation or desires prohibit training for a thru hike.

Hope to hear from some of you soon. See you on the trail.

PS, you can reach me at [email protected]

05-04-2006, 16:49
See you out on the trail in 07! Don't stress too much about finding a hiking partner. You will meet plenty of them out there. I am heading down there solo and anticipate heading north with a good group of hikers.

05-05-2006, 00:14
20-25 miles? wow. i'd offer to join but RI is a bit far away. i'm stuck doing the solo training thing and not even that, as i don't have a car at the moment to take me to the trails around here. either way, you'll prolly catch up to me in no time out there. i'm hoping at best for 10 mile days. [:

07-12-2006, 14:27
Hey I was actually thinking of thru hiking sobo, but would consider going nobo. I am a novice at hiking, but being in the Marines I have done my share of humps. Getting out later this year and have already started gathering stuff for the hike. If your interested email me at [email protected]

07-13-2006, 16:26

I will keep an eye in my rear view mirror for you.I can not do big mileage like you. You need to team up with Squeaky as he is super fast too.

Looking forward to seeing you, Bill


07-22-2006, 22:49
Hey Bill Semper Fi Bro i will probably be contacting you. Planning on starting sometime around then too. If not then I will see you on the trail

08-07-2006, 17:47
http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h168/Mountainman2000/iskc2.jpgNewbie in training..lol I am planning a NOBO for the upcoming 07' season. I will be leaving Maine my homestate and arriving in GA around the 16-20th of March somewhat flexible at this point, and doing the Nobo home... Looking to pair up with potetial partners and new friends.. Not a whole lot of experience but enough to get buy until I get on trails for awhile and get educated properly..lol Any one interested in communication and planning with a newbie Please get in touch.. I am so looking forward to attaining this dream....