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05-05-2006, 13:21
Does anyone have an opinion as to which of these cabins is "the best"?

Anna Michener Cabin
Milesburn Cabin
Hermitage Cabin

I'm planning a 4-night weekend trip to the area in August, intend to do some day hiking in Michaux State Forest, and relaxing around the cabin the rest of the time. I'm looking for something rustic but not desolate, and will need a place reasonably nearby to put my car. There will be 2 of us, and a dog.

I'd appreciate any info on any or all of the 3 cabins that you may have.


05-07-2006, 07:13
I can't say which of these is the best , but we passed by Milesburn Cabin on our last hike. It was right next to the trail, had a nice little stream and had a front porch that faced the stream. Just across the stream was a dirt access road that appeared to be in good condition. Shelter appeared to be in good condition also, except that some of the paint was peeling. Couldn't see any of the interior since the windows were covered up. I didn't investigate any of the others since they were both a bit off the trail.

Sky Rider

09-06-2006, 16:15
I stayed at Hermitage cabin. It was absolutely wonderfun. About 0.2 mile hike (mostly downhill and quite rocky) from the parking spot. There was a stream down below the cabin. The cabin itself was really nice - large front porch, swing underneath. Inside, there was a kitchen area with wood stove, sink (no running water), fireplace, cupboards stocked with all necessary kitchen utensils, large table, 2 rocking chairs, 2 adirondack chairs, double bunk downstairs, and room in the loft for approximately 8 single mattresses, blankets provided. There was a privy and, most surprisingly, an outdoor gravity-driven shower - simply boil some water from the stream, add to cold water, and place in bucket above shower. Only saw 2 other people hiking there the whole 5 days. I definitely hope to go back again someday.