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05-08-2006, 02:03
Hey. Me again. I just realized a few quick questions that suddenly seemed pretty important. We're getting the gear in order, but here's a couple of other questions:

1. To thru-hike, do I need to pay park fees all along the trail? I mean, should I be anticipating fees the whole time? Or is it free?

2. To start my thru-hike in Maine, what're the most important things I should know? Does Baxter have a fee? If I fly in to Portland on the 15 and take a bus to Baxter, how should I start the trail? Camp in-park that night or in town and enter the next day? How are the first few days going to go? Is it true that I should pack for 8 days of food for the first stretch?

I know all this sounds naive, but it's a first time thru-hike.


Just a Hiker
05-08-2006, 03:17
Hello. I just wanted to respond to your questions if you don't mind. I usually only hike SOBO, so I can answer your questions if you want. As far as park fees, no...there aren't any along the AT. You will need Backcountry permits in SNP and the Smokies, but you can cross that bridge when you get to it. You'll be a "Pro" by then.

As far as Baxter State Park, well, thats another story. If you arrive in Portland on the 15th, the earliest your bus will arrive in Medway, Maine is 7:40pm. (Greyhound-1-800-GREYHOUND). Then you can take Minuteman Taxi to Millinocket, Maine (1-207-723-2000). You won't be able to get into the Park until the next day, so you'll need lodging in Millinocket. I would suggest the AT Lodge (1-207-723-4321. It's only $23.00 and Don Cogswell will treat you like royalty. The lodge is close to restaurants so eating won't be a problem when you get to town. The next day you can take Minuteman Taxi to Baxter State Park (Probably around $30.00). The drivers all know the routine and will take you directly to Katahdin Stream Campground. When you get to the Ranger Station, you can drop your pack on the porch and grab a day pack for your summit. I would try and arrive around 7am because that is when the ranger posts the weather and what "Class" the summit is for the day. On 16 July, it should be Class-I anyway. From that point you start your big adventure. Now, here is something you need to do right away and that is make a reservation for a campsite in Baxter for that day you climb Katahdin. Call 1-207-723-5140-BSP Office. Call that number and ask for a reservation. It will cost you $18.00 for a campsite.

The day after you climb Katahdin, you just head down the tote road at Katahdin Stream Campsite and turn south into the woods. You'll come out at Abol Bridge where you can get some last minute food items before you cross the bridge and head back into the woods. At that point your 3 days away from White House Landing or 7 or 8 days away from Monson, Maine.

I know this all sounds confusing because you probably can't visualize it all, but trust me it will all come together for you. If I am not mistaken, you are coming from China. I was wondering if you have any books or anything? If not, I would go to the ATC web page and get some right away.

I hope I could help you and I hope you have a good hike.

Just a hiker