View Full Version : Has anyone out there use the Olympus D520 digital camera?

03-01-2003, 20:31
I am considering buying this one for my upcoming hike. I would appreciate hearing from owners on their experience with this model.


03-02-2003, 10:41
I don't have that exact model... but I do have the Olympus D-550. I'm not really sure what the differences between models are, but maybe they are only minorr?

At any rate, I am surprised at how much I love my digital camera. I'm big into photography (which is not to say I'm good at it) and I recently gave away my nice regular camera because I just don't use it anymore. The digital takes terrific pictures and the quality is as good as the pictures I've taken before. Everyone was warning me the batteries drain quickly, but I've taken it on five or six hikes since I've gotten it and I'm still using the same AAA's without a problem. (I do turn the monitor screen off to save on the batteries.)

The only problem I initially had with it was printing pictures with Adobe photoshop. They came out horrible... which is apparently a problem with a setting on the program. I was going to give up on the digital and right before that I tried using the Camedia program that came with the camera. It made a world of difference and my shots come out terrific. Now that's all I use.

Hope this was at least a little helpful.

-- Ivy :banana

03-13-2003, 23:41
Hey I just got that same camera (the olympus D-520) for my thru-hike. It's a pretty good weight but the functions aren't as intuitive as I like. For example, in order to turn the camera on and shoot you have to pull back the slide cover and the lense pops out. To close it you have to push the cover back just enough (but not too much or you'll break the mechanism that allows the lense to go in and out) and the lense rolls back in. I just don't like the system. Also the camera's response time is a bit slow. I had to read and reread the manual about three times to figure out simple functions. I've used a higher end Nikon Digital Camera and it responded a lot better and finding functions such as playback were real easy to figure out... Since the camera is a gift I'm going to stick with it but I would suggest doing a bit more research before you buy...
good luck... Jenn

03-15-2003, 18:56
I had a hard time deciding on a camera for my thru-hike. I wanted to bring a digital to save on the expense of film and processing. I went up to Amicalola the week before my hike just to check it out with my husband. We got to the top, I took the camera out, tried to turn it on but the batteries where dead. Digital camera suck down batteries. Every time I turn around I'm having to change the batteries. This is when I decided to get a regular camera. And also because digital cameras are very sensitive to moisture and you have to worry about were to down load your pictures. If you decide on a regular camera the Olympus Stylus Epic zoom 80 works pretty good.