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05-09-2006, 00:02
Are there any cool campsites that are near NYC, easy enough access to bring lots of trail magic (preferably car camping type site), and a place where there is a need for trail magic? Anywhere near Harriman that anyone knows of? :-)

05-09-2006, 08:41
It sounds like you want to car-camp close the Trail and set up trail magic right there so that hikers don't have to wonder too far off the trail and/or you don't have to walk too far to the Trail. Am I correct? Your plan sounds like what I've done the last 2 years at Lewis Mountain CG in Shenandoah NP.

I can't think of such a place real close to Harriman. You can serve up trail magic (food) big time on the Bear Mountain grounds but can't car-camp there. The car-camping locales in Harriman aren't close to the Trail that I'm aware of.

2 suggestions:

1. Greymoor - theoretically, you can drive to the field, set up camp, and serve the hikers. But as a privately-run retreat center, I don't know how the brothers would feel.

2. Waywayanda State Park in NJ - the park is the official water source for Waywayanda Shelter. I believe there's a campground there. Make up a sign at the shelter directing the hikers to your campsite.

05-09-2006, 09:41
If you wanted to contact Greymoor about providing hospitality, you could try to speak to Brother Leo. He is the person "in charge" of hikers this year... but I also have to say, the brothers are pretty darn hospitable all by themselves, and staying at Greymoor is a wonderful treat even without trail magic.

If you want a NY shelter that's close to the road, where you could probably car-camp and do trail magic, I'd try RPH. KevBoy on this board does a lot of stuff there and he can probably give you good inside info. Another possibility is Dennytown Campground, again you could car camp there and it's only about .1 off the AT (there's also water from the little brick house where you cross the road). I do get the impression Dennytown is something of a party zone for the locals, though. Other than that, I don't know of spots between the Hudson and the NY/CT border that would be too amenable, although there may be some south of Harriman as well.

Jane in CT

Kevin A. Boyce
05-09-2006, 13:04
Thanks for the plug Jane... :) Once again we are doing our big Workweekend/Hiker Feed on July 7 to 9 for anyone who wants to join us at the RPH Shelter, look at posts I have made already. A few folks over the years have set up trail magic there, it is right off a rural road off the Taconic, so parking is right there. It is a popular shelter and during peak season it gets heavily used.

Another location to setup shop and provide some trail magic could be Fahnestock, just get one of the campsites and set up shop. Of course this is a paid campground, but it is between Greymoor and the RPH Shelter and at a point when folks really would appreciate some snacks or drinks. Of course, if you do this, I would second Jane's idea of Dennytown road as well... it is in the same area, between Greymoor and RPH, with Dennytown closer to Greymoor and Fahnestock closer to RPH.

Over by Harriman would be nice too, especially if we get a dry peak thru season this year. There few places to get water over there when things are dry and you would be much appreciated. I am not sure of exact locales, but I am sure if you looked at the maps you could pick a good spot that are near a decent trailhead where you can park and wander into a campsite.

Another option could be near where the trail crosses Rte 22, no camping though, but you could set up shop near the AT train station. It is not far in from the road.

I would second Jane's idea of Dennytown road as well...

Catch you on the trail!

05-09-2006, 18:16
You guys are ever so helpful. I've got my map out and am trying to find some of the places you've mentioned. I wish I was more familiar with the area, but I guess I will be by the time I'm done! :-) Thank you all!

05-10-2006, 17:49
If you wanted to use your car as a base for your trail magic you could park at the picnic grounds at Tiorati Circle. The AT is just up the hill. Put a sign up at the road crossing,to direct thrus down to the picinic grounds, and I'm sure you'd have your hands full. Just get to Tiorati Circle picnic grounds early as it fills up quickly on nice weekends. To that end I guess a weekday would be best.

05-10-2006, 17:54
The AT comes down Agony Grind, crosses route 17 and goes right past the Elk Pen parking area. There's no picnic tables there but it's a dry stretch that I'm sure thrus would appreciate some water at.