View Full Version : Small world - Barrel Roll Sobohobo '05

TJ aka Teej
05-10-2006, 15:52
In the "It's a long trail but a small world" department, met WhiteBlaze member Barrel Roll of AT05's SoBoHoBos at the EMS store near me today. He mentioned how much WB helped in his MEGA preps last year, and is planning to head on down to Trail Days to meet up with the old crew.

Barrel Roll
05-15-2006, 23:28

It was great to meet you. Small world indeed, it was great when my mind made that little connection.. name is TJ.. ALDHA guy up at Baxter... some guy named TJ posted a lot on Whiteblaze where I got a lot of info.. wait a minute!

Pleasant surprise and it was great chatting with you. Thanks for letting me know about this forum, I loved my SOBO experience and can't wait to chime in on some of these topics.

TJ aka Teej
05-17-2006, 23:35
During the recent rain at Baxter I was reading last year's register at Katahdin Stream - and there were you two signing out as the 'sobohobos'! I've just checked out some of your pics on your site, looks like you had a great time. Have fun at TDs!