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03-02-2003, 23:07
May 12 - Monday
10-11am - Harriet Locke, New England Slides of her 1977 AT Through-Hike -
Rock School Auditorium

May 13 - Tuesday
1-2pm - Harriet Locke, NEPAL Treks - Rock School Auditorium

3-4pm - Teresa Martinez, Trails in CHILE - Rock School Auditorium

May 14 - Wednesday
5-6:30 - CIRCLE WALK -Straight Branch Parking Lot to VCT to AT to US58 to
SBPL - Forest Service interpretive talk -Bring your own supper

May 15 - Thursday
8:30-10pm - Warren Doyle, "26,000 Miles on the Appalachian Trail" - Rock
School Auditorium

May 16 - Friday
10-11am - MODEL T, "Stalking Life with a Hiking Stick" - Rock School

1-2pm - Dan "Sheltowee" Rogers, "America, One Step at a Time"
2-3pm - Jolene "Jojosmiley" Koby, "Adventure 2K2 Journey on the ECT/AMT"
3-4pm - Dick "Nopack" Anderson and Viateur "The Voyageur" DeChamplain,
Progress on the International Appalachian Trail/Sentier International des
Appalaches with Special Focus on the Recent Extention to the Appalachian
Mountains of the Island of Newfoundland"
4-5pm - M. J. "Nimblewill Nomad" Eberhart, "There is no Land Discovered...,
Pioneering Today" and Jan "Dutch Treat" Benschop, "Nomad's Ditties"

7-8:30 - Warren Doyle, "26,000 Miles of Trail Stories" - Rock School

9-10pm - Richard Bailey - Mount Washington Observatory, NH, Winter Scenes -
Rock School Auditorium

May 17 - Saturday
9-9:45am - Florida Trail Association - "Hiking the Florida Trail" - Town

10-11am - Ankle Express, "Come Share the Dream" - Springer to Katahdin -
Town Hall

11am-12:30pm - ALDHA, "More About ALDHA" - Town Hall

4-6pm - Laurie Potteiger, "The A. T. Volunteer Experience" - Town Hall

May 18 - Sunday
10-10:45am - Bill O'Brien, Memorial Service for Ann McDuff and Others - Rock
School Auditorium

8-9:30 pm - Warren Doyle, "Circle of Dreams" - Rock School Auditorium

03-03-2003, 07:57
MODEL T is giving a presentation!!! No way am I missing Trail Days this year!!

03-11-2003, 05:13
Model T rules, the book is awesome, the new one will be too, his talk will be great, I have known him since his first thru hike in `90, he is a 3-peater having done it 3 times.Trail daze has alot going for it this yr not to be missed, us blue-blazin`hobo`s are celebrating our tenth anniversary along with the Rat Patrols 10th wedding anniversary since we were married during trail daze on the Gazebo in the park where hopefully this yr. the Rat Patrol band will be performing on Fri night! come ROCK with us !!Gonna be biggest one yet ! See all you hiker trash there, better hurry !!! RAT