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05-17-2006, 13:15
For those planning a long section hike or a
thru-hike of the CT, made some (slight) revisions to
my Colorado Trail doc.

If you have not seen the doc in the past, it is a
concise guide for doing an extended trek on the CT.
Sums up the town and supply info, has some info on
transporation, what maps to take, etc. Does not
replace the guidebook or databook, but makes life a
little easier when planning a long hike.

The Seventh Edition of the guidebook just came out,
hence the revision of my doc. You may see some
familiar faces in photos for this guidebook. GottaGo
(Linda Jeffers) has many photos in the book. One
question, GottaGo, who is the cute blond on page 215?
;-) (Little John from the PCT 04 is also on the same
page along with his girlfriend. I know both in
Boulder. Small trail world!)

The major difference in my doc? Not much. The
guidebook and the databook are in slight disagreement
over mileage figures and I added an expanded blurb
about section hiking transportaion. Did some minor
tweaking here and there as well.

Was going to do more expanded shuttle info, but I
think the original one works fine. Most of the
volunteer shuttle drivers on Trailforums probably
don't want to be bugged all time. ;)

I've also disconinued my original PDF file. You can
choose the PRINT option on my website anyway, so
the PDF is now redundant.

As always, send comments, questions and the many
complaints (ok..not that many. :D) etc. to me. I'll
be on the CDT this year, so there will be no updates
until I get back.

The doc is at:

Must say, what started as a conversation in a coffee
shop turned out to be a nice little tool for planning
on the CT!