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05-17-2006, 18:23
First, let me thank all of you for the incredible wealth of information here at WhiteBlaze. I've been researching this site for a few weeks now while planning my first long distance hike. In the next several days, I will be finalizing the sale of a business (cross your fingers for me...). Then, I'm hitting the trail for a couple of months before I decide what next to do with my life.

Please take a look at my gear list and feel free to tear it up. I'm going for light weight, but comfortable. Two months NoBo. I'm in no rush, but want to be light.

Boots w/ Superfeet inserts
SmartWool light socks
Sock Liners – Cool Max
Stretch T-Shirt – Mountain Hardware
Underwear – Light synthetic
Convertible Pants

Light synthetic hat
Timex Expedition watch (w/electronic compass)

Trekking Poles – Leki Makalu
Tape (on trekking poles)

ID/money/credit cards & keys
Leatherman Juice CS4 – (I know – it’s too heavy… but I want the cork screw.)

Zip lock bags (1 gallon)
Guide Book Sections

Ultrapod camera tripod
Camera - TBD

SmartWool light socks
Sock Liners – Cool Max
Underwear – Light synthetic
Thermal Long Underwear – Patagonia silk weight
Knit hat
Brigade QM polypro gloves
Camp shoes - Crocs
Bug Headnet
Convertible Pants
Fleece l/s pullover
mesh bag

Rain Jacket - Mountain Hardware Cohesion Jacket
Rain Pants - Mountain Hardware Epic Pants
Seal Skin socks

Ti Spork
Pot cozy/foam seat pad
Snow peak ti pot & pan w/scrub sack
Custom Alcohol Stove
iodine tablets (back up)
100 oz Camel Back
Tabasco bottle
Equinox sil stuff sack (food bag)
Zip lock bags (1 gallon) food
Zip lock bags (2 gallon) food
coffee filters
20 ounce alcohol bottle - Fuel and Fun
AquaStar Water Purification

Spare batteries
Data card
Emergency fire starter
Mylar Blanket
Cell Phone – 3.46 oz (I know , I know - but I have to have it for business check in...)
Sil-nylon sack

- small zip lock
- 2 needles
- 6 safety pins
- floss
- Ibuprofen, 10
- Neosporin
- Hydrocortisone cream
- super glue
- gas permeable bandage, 2 (large)
- ace bandage, small
- Imodium, 4
- Pepto pills, 6
- Tums, 1 roll
- Claritin, 4
- Benadryl, 6
- gauze, 1 roll
- 1 razor blade
- 6 Levaquin Antibiotic

Toilet paper
Zip lock bag (1/2 gallon)
Camp towel – half size, synthetic
Hand sanitizer
1 oz Dr Bronners Mint soap and bottle
Ultrathon Repellent lotion
Listerine tabs
Hair brush/mirror combo – just 40 grams!
Sil-nylon sack


Zip lock bag (1 gallon)
Black Diamond Headlamp w/ Lithium
Trail journal

Gregory Z-Pack (final pack decision will be made after gear list is complete)
Trash Compactor bag as pack cover
Hennessy Ultralight A-Sym Hammock
Hennessy Tarp
emergency blanket ground cloth (70"x30")
Stake bag and cord (50')
Ti Stakes

No Sniveller Universal Quilt and stuff sack
Mummy cut enzolite foam pad 61.5"x28"x1/2"
Equinox 7 x 15 Stuff Sack


13. FOOD
Alcohol – stove fuel and me fuel – 180 proof

Sgt. Rock - It's not Deja Vu you're experiencing... I spent a lot of time on hikinghq.net and I plagiarized the heck out of your gear list. Thanks for all your careful research!

All opinions and comments happily accepted!



05-17-2006, 21:46
wow im just a section hiker so im not 100% if im right but i think what im about to say is accurate, like u already said ditch the leather man, also unless totaly neccesayr leave keys at home un less other things like led are attached, the trail is pretty straight forward but i would seriously recomend a lightweight gps Ditch the tripod stable yourself on the trecking poles, as for clothing the only thing i can say is if you are bring a fleece pullover ditch the gloves and also drop the camp shoes, they are a good luxury but inwanted weight unless of course like me you have wimpy feet, the only spec of kitchen stuff is for coffee bring coffe bags which are like the tea bags im slightly confused on why you have a compass if your watch has one built in but i understand the caution on that so forget it if possible medicine is light bring a couple ibuprofen and benadryl trust me you will need it, might i add throwing in a few pm meds ditch the comb no one cares, and also rather than a towel bring a bandana it has multi uses and any where there is a shower will be towels strip down the journal as much as possible, loose the covers and i would really just reccomend binding notebook paper together luxury items, bring 2 books at least its worth the weight (i would recomend monkey wrench gang) and as a treat bring a small portion of your favorite candy bar or soda lastly is food ok do not brig wood if you need wood there is a campstore close enough to you to buy a bundle for 5 dollars, also i would reccomend a little more alchohol

05-17-2006, 22:09
Get a Lexan spoon for your kitchen stuff. Sooner or later you will wonder why sporks were ever invented. You will get tired of it. Then you get out the lexan spoon. You can either toss the spork, or tie a small stick to it and use it for a back scratcher.

05-17-2006, 22:43
Get a Lexan spoon for your kitchen stuff. Sooner or later you will wonder why sporks were ever invented. You will get tired of it. Then you get out the lexan spoon. You can either toss the spork, or tie a small stick to it and use it for a back scratcher.
LOL - I read that about Lexan over Ti spork... I decided on the spork because it can handle the heat of my alchohol stove. I can't use my bare fingers very well to put the simmer ring on. Lexan, great as it is, would melt.

If you see me at a shelter two months from now scratching my back with a sporkstick, you'll know what happened.:jump

Thanks for the input!