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Moon Cricket
05-21-2006, 16:59
I will be through hiking the AT in 2007. I am from coastal Maine and have been in the army for the last four years. I will be starting around the first of March and was hoping to aquire some tips or suggestions about my up coming adventure. I will try to support the site with any information I get and wish other thru hikers the best of luck. I was also curious to see if anyone else will be thru hiking around the same time.

Best of luck and happy trails

Moon Cricket

05-21-2006, 17:08
Moon Cricket,
I'm planning on 07, too... Starting April 1 or thereabouts. Earlier than that can mean cold weather, deep snow on the trail, heavier gear starting out. In 03, we got an April 15 snow storm.... That kind of 'Easter surprise' is normal. An April start means moving faster to finish before Baxter closes or gets too nasty. 100 miles per week average.

Auntie Mame
05-21-2006, 22:30
Hi MC, We are from midcoast, Rockland/Camden area. Hiking NOBO '07 also. Look forward to hearing more from you here. Good luck. Marcia & Tom

Moon Cricket
05-24-2006, 15:52
Marcia and Tom,

Moon Cricket
05-24-2006, 15:53
Marcia and Tom,
Thank you for replying and look forward to seeing you on

Moon Cricket
05-24-2006, 15:57
Marcia and Tom, thanks for the reply really look forward to seeing you on the trail. If you have any need to know information about the hike please don't hesitate. A little curious about closing quote ie: And, trees don't grow on money. thanks Moon Cricket

Butch Cassidy
05-27-2006, 22:32
Hello Moon Cricket, My son (The Sundance Kid on here) are doing a thru starting Feb. 27 O7. I hope to see you out there, we plan on a relaxed pace with side trips to several areas . See Ya, on the trail. Dave:sun

06-01-2006, 20:40
global warming means feb 18th is actually april 1st.sorry but its true.im starting for the 4th time next feb 18th!never got past pearisburg.failed at neels 12 years ago. once i never made it to the trail. i just sat home and ate all my food boxes.this is a life issue with me. the trail aint goin nowhere.im gonna keep on trying and good luck to you.most important peice of equiptment?white gravy mix.

06-02-2006, 12:12
Get good boots. Take it easy in the beginning. Enjoy the people and realize now that this trail is all about the experience, not just Getting-R-Done