View Full Version : Northeast Hiking Partners (catskills, Daks)

05-21-2006, 21:29
I am planning a 2007 Nbound hike and would like to know if there are others up this way planning a thru hike that would like to do some weekend "shakedown" hiking.
Currently I am going through the process of lightening the pack weight a little. I am switching from a clip flashlight to a HS rainbow, shelter-wise and debating the cost factor of a WM pod vs a 20 degree syn bag.
I saw this bag and was wondering if anyone had any feedback. It is a good price for a bag.


I feel better about hitting the trail with 25-30 lbs vs 35 - 40 lbs.

Thanks, Mike

05-21-2006, 23:54
Myself I would spring for the Wm bag. Of course its easy to tell someone else to spend their money. The two concerns I see with the golite bag are its going to pack much larger than a good down bag like the WM and it looks a little tight around the shoulders. Its listed as 59" which is fine if your a normal to thin guy and won't be layering up to much in the bag.

If your a bigger guy or intend to stretch the bad to late fall/ early spring in the adirondacks by layering up inside the bag you might find it a little tight.

Another option which splits the middle ground is one of the Campmor down bags. They are economical and incomparison to the synthetic bags will pack well. The 20degree bag is 109 and 139 for the 0 degree

Hope this helps


05-22-2006, 12:36
Thanks...Campmor 20 seems like a good bag to try, then if I don't like it...I will try the WM.