View Full Version : Another boot question.

Mr. Clean
05-25-2006, 20:05
I didn't see much info on different boots, so I thought I'd ask. My LL Bean mountain tread mid-height boots are about history and I'm on the lookout for another pair. I loved how they gripped the ledge here in the Whites, how they dried fairly quickly, and I liked the lighter weight as opposed to my Beans Cresta Hikers. But they have an annoying and painful ridge on the outside of the ankle now that they have aged and I'm done with them. So my question is to you folk, do you have any recommendations for a mid-height boot that grips well that I can use without fear in the Whites and Mahoosucs? I will probably get the boots a half size larger in order to fit superfeet into them, if you think it wise - I've never tried them.