View Full Version : Put your name on everything

03-07-2003, 09:15
Just a simple reminder to those about to start their hikes. Especially those who plan to "ultralight"...last year there was so much identical gear, sometimes we were like "is that my Platypus, or yours? Are those my Leki poles? or yours?" With so many people garnering advice from a limited amount of trail sites, lots of folks had the same gear as everyone else, right down to the color. We even met another couple that had the same backpacks, and almost identical gear to start off with.

A black permanent Sharpie marker worked great, lasted the whole trip, and made things a lot easier to identify at first glance. And if you are sharing a laundry load with someone who happens to enjoy the same brand of socks that you do, it makes life a LOT easier :)

Good luck to everyone starting out soon!

03-07-2003, 16:15
Hmmm, guess that means that 90+% of my gear is safe - some of it is 10 years old. (the older stuff just can't go the distance anymore)

Now socks, that's a different story. Sharpie, huh? Think I have one 'round here somewheres.

03-07-2003, 16:17
That reminds me, 3 years ago today I started my Thru-hike. Today I'm at work under the fluorescent lighting. SIGH