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05-29-2006, 23:35
I hope to start around the 15th of March as I said before. I would love to have someone to start with me, but I must warn you of a few things.

First off I will be 71 years old when I start. I would think that I will have to start fairly sowly. I would not be able to rack up many miles per day at the start.

That said it would be nice to have someone kick me in the rear end to keep me going, here is you chance to beat up on a Karate guy. I truely feel that I can do this and I have had my mine set on it since about 1962. It is as if something inside of me is saying you have to do this and I can not wait any longer.

In order to help myself I plan to go to Warren Doyle's hiking school from Dec. 15th thru the 18th. I am hoping this will give me a better chance of finishing.
Is anyone here also planning to go to the school. I am planning this date because I have never done any winter packbacking and hope it gives me a feel for it.:rolleyes:

Cherokee Tom

Pacific Tortuga
05-29-2006, 23:45
God speed on your hike in 07 C.T. ,I plan on being here but cannot nail a hard date but hope to meet you and many more.