View Full Version : The Priest Overlook

03-07-2003, 15:57
Grab you water at the shelter and head on up to the Priest Overlook where you may be treated to one of the very best sunset's on the Trail.

There's enough room for maybe 3 or four tents...

Jack Tarlin
03-07-2003, 16:28
Sly's right, this is a great spot. You may, however, also be treated to a humungous rattlesnake, so watch where you put up your tent!

03-10-2003, 11:04
I ascended The Priest from the north on a beautiful October morning last year and sat on the rocks of the overlook for 45 minutes just enjoying the view. The morning view with the sun over my shoulder highlight the fall foliage was inspiring; the view at sunset would be a lovely thing to experience.

03-10-2003, 14:10
You bet that is beautiful. I believe when I was up there there were three spots to pitch a tent. If not just head down towards the shelter and there are two spots there. Well worth the walk and the time to climb back up and it is not much of a climb.