View Full Version : ThruHiker count, 3/6 at Neels Gap

TJ aka Teej
03-07-2003, 16:14
The following is from from Laurie Potteiger of the ATC

According to the Walasi-Yi Center, approximately 170 thru-hikers have reached
Neels Gap as of yesterday (March 6).
On March 6 last year, 108 people had signed in. For the peak thru-hiker
year (2000), the count on this day was 230.
We know a large number started on March 1. Scott Dowling, a GATC member who
shuttled a thru-hiker to Springer, reported seeing 30 hikers between
Springer Mountain the USFS parking lot at around 10:00 am. No telling how
many more showed up later in the day.