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Trail Yeti
03-07-2003, 16:18
to the trail that is...7 days on the AT...gotta love Spring Break!
for those of you who are stuck at work for the next week, you have my sympathies.
I'm going hiking!
Life is Good, Wear a Kilt!:banana
Trail Yeti

03-07-2003, 20:02
4 days in the grand canyon, 3 in death valley coming up in the next week. Yeah, I'm happy I don't have an actual job.

Trail Yeti
03-14-2003, 22:08
....had a great trip! At least, I thought it was great. Had a couple of beers w/ Lone Wolf at Dots...hiked 120 plus in 7 days....
awsome weather.....
Also, froze my butt off in my hammock 2pad 2 bag experiment.
And I met the last two SOBO'S of the year. They started 5 days after I summited...really cool guys....check out their website:

www.northamericanchallenge.com (http://www.northamericanchallenge.com)

Overall, had a great trip!
Also just for info...I think its 12 NOBOs that have gotten as far as 19 E so far.....

03-15-2003, 11:11
Yeti, are they really hiking to Oglethorpe? That's what the web site said.


Sean and Rob finally move on to Mount Katahdin, Maine, where they start their final leg of their epic journey.
They aim to walk twenty miles a day re-supplying every 100 to 140 miles. This should take them approximately 110 days.
They will have covered a distance of 2155 miles before reaching Mount Oglethorpe, Georgia.

03-15-2003, 12:45
Should be more than 2155 mi. to get to Oglethorpe, and actually more than that just to get to Springer.

Read posts long ago that Oglethorpe was very difficult to get to; private property, roads, fences etc.

Trail Yeti
03-15-2003, 13:05
they are going to Springer....must be a typo on their site. Really interesting guys...they had to deal with some crazy weather on their trip. They were ecstatic about all the sunshine and nice weather we had this week. They had some interesting stories about their travels....can you imagine hiking south through the winter this year? Crazy brits...