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03-07-2003, 20:07
Even though it is mentionned twice below, I want to remind all you lucky hikers this year not to pass up the Mt. Cammerer fire tower in the Smokys. Yeah, it is 1/2 mile off trail. But, this is a really, really good spot for views. The trail afterwards is all downhill to Davenport Gap or Mountain Momas, so you can really hustle after the tower. If I was to go through again, I would actually plan to sleep at the tower. Of course, this isn't strictly legal, but if you show up after 5 or 6, there probably won't be any day hikers and the chance of a ranger showing up is slim. Haul water from Cosby or pick it up at rivlets on the climb up.

03-08-2003, 13:12