View Full Version : How do you carry your 35mm SLR camera?

Bandana Man
03-07-2003, 23:20
This question is directed to all hikers who carry a full-size 35mm SLR camera, such as Canon Rebel, Minolta Maxxum, Nikon N80, or similar. I'm looking at two camera bags from Lowepro -- the Photo Runner and the Off Trail 2. Both are worn like a fanny pack and hold a camera with attached lens, two additional lenses, filters, film, and I think each bag has a tripod loop. I'm hoping these bags can be worn backward so that the pouch is in front of my waist just below the backpack hipbelt.

I would appreciate advice from other hikers who carry similar camera equipment or have hiking experience with these Lowepro camera bags. How about it? Any shutterbugs out there who can help me out? Thanks in advance...

PS. I'm a section hiker. If I was thru hiking I would not carry this heavy camera!

03-07-2003, 23:50
I think you'll find the exta bag heavy and cumbersome. I snatched some bubble wrap from work and made seperate bags using heavy tape. One for the body and and one for the 100/300 lense. I carry both of these in my top pocket. I know it's not as convenient as having it right there at your hands. But it worked out ok for me. For added safety against moisture, put the camera and bags in freezer bags.

If you can't find the room in your pack then your way will work ok. But I would still put your equipment in some kind of a bag. Small sil-nylon bags work good too.

mvng mtn
03-08-2003, 02:41
I have an old Lowe Pro(model#?) that I have worn in the front when I carry a full size SLR. It holds a camera with a lens attached.It has a waist belt and a detachable neck loop. The only problem I ever had was falling on it doing a face-plant backcountry skiing. The camera and lens were fine,but I wasn't. It has work out well, but I very rarely carry it anymore. I do not like lugging all that weight and bulk around. I usually use a Yashica T4 or a small Canon digital carried in a Dana Designs Wet Rib.

03-08-2003, 08:59
I have a N80 with a 28-105 lens that fits nicely in a LowePro Nova Mini. I leave the camera in my pack, mostly because I am afraid of falling and damaging it. This is a bit of pain because I have to stop, take my pack off, fish out the camera, take my photos, and repack. In poor weather, I'm apt to shoot very few pictures. Depending on terrain, I can usually expect a couple of falls on a 3 day trip and so am not confident carrying the camera externally. The Nova Mini is big enough for the camera, a bunch of extra film, and some filters. Since this rig weighs 3.5 lbs, I only take it out on shorter trips or if being a tourist. For longer trips, I carry an Olympus Stylus Epic in my pants or shorts pocket.

Bandana Man
03-08-2003, 14:28
Good information -- thanks for all the help. It's not easy finding one camera bag for multiple uses! The Lowepro line looked good in the store but I wanted to hear experiences of other backpackers. Sounds like one of these bags will work just fine. The bubble-wrap is a real good idea inside the bag for some extra protection.

Yeah, the Nikon will add a lot more bulk and weight than my Olympus point-and-shoot, but I missed some great shots on my last AT section hike and other hikes. I especially miss slow shutter speeds for low-light and night shots, like a rising crescent moon one clear night. I also like to do a little time lapse for shots of fast moving water in creeks. My wife likes flowers so I take some extreme closeups with a macro lens just for her. I really enjoy photography so the extra hassle is worth it to me.

03-08-2003, 18:20
I have a homemade camera case that fits my camera exactly (a Pentax MX). It fits the camera with a telephoto lens (135 mm). If I'm using the 50 mm or 35 mm lens, the other lens fits in the case also, or I can put in a spare roll of film. The case has a waist strap (1 inch nylon webbing with velcro) and the camera's neck strap stays on my neck. I padded the case with 1/8 inch closed cell foam. The top opens with a velcro flap. It weighs 5 oz.

03-10-2003, 10:03
I've found that the pictures I take with the nikon are invariably better than the pictures I take with the olympus, but I take more pictures with the point and shoot because of its accessibility. If I could learn to fall less, I would carry the nikon out and take lots and lots of pictures. Low light is fairly well impossible with the point and shoot. I have a bunch of ****e pictures from the roan highlands that should would have been outstanding with the nikon.