View Full Version : HAPPY B-DAY SGT Rock!

03-10-2003, 08:21
Happy B-day top. Thanks for all the tips and techniques. You're an admirable man, I'de have been proud to serve with you when I was in. Be well!

03-10-2003, 09:50
Happy Birthday!! :D

You are the best....... to me anyway. ;)

03-10-2003, 10:33
No Sniveling?
It's his party and he can cry if he want's to!:banana

03-10-2003, 11:55
Happy B-day Sarge!!! You Dawg you!!! <(8o)

03-10-2003, 13:32
Happy Birthday. Best wishes!

03-10-2003, 13:49
Happy Birthday! May all your efforts to educate the hiking community keep you young!

TJ aka Teej
03-10-2003, 14:31
Birthdays today:
Chuck Norris
Sharon Stone
Sgt. Rock

03-10-2003, 17:15
MAL offers Sgt R. a free coupon, redeemable at your nearest mad aussie in london for 1 pint guiness or 2 doubles single malt speyside whisky of your choice.

happy birthday mate!

SGT Rock
03-10-2003, 18:03
Thanks for the beer. In case y'all didn't know - I got back from emergency leave late last night. The situation that sent me on leave isn't resolved, but in the interim my unit finaly got deployment orders. Looks like that summer hike on the AT is canceled. I got some beer here so tonight I'll be celebrating.

I also have tons of e-mail to catch up on, and the site said only 38 new threads since last visit. So if I miss a message to me in my e-mail or on the board - forgive me and direct my attention to it again.

Back to catching up. I wonder what Chuck and Sharon are up to?

03-10-2003, 19:57
Hey Sgt
this is one gift you cant return, Your Age
Have a good one .

03-10-2003, 20:00
Keep on Truckin' ...Top !!

03-10-2003, 20:04
happy birthday sarge

i hope your able to enjoy it. :cool: