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06-09-2006, 12:22
multi-use yet to acquireozlbs1. Pack:Pack: Camptrails Wilderness Internal (4900-5800 cuin)835.2 2. Shelter:Tent: Eureka Timberline2724.5ground sheet191.23. Sleeping:MH 40* Polarguard 3D 322Thermarest Shorty221.374. Kitchen:281.75Pot Aqua 2Snow Peak MiniSolo5.5 1 lighter1 1 SP GigaPower4 2 small fuel cannisters10aluminum foil windscreen0.5cotton glove1mesh sack0.5cozy????lexan bottle(32oz)5.55. Hygiene:1 partial roll toilet paper4hand sanitizer86. Navigation:1 map (PA Sec. 1-8)3.5compass/whistle2 7. Repair/First Aid:Leatherman Micra multitool1.3gorilla tape 1moleskin/blister treatment 3 8. Rain Gear:poncho29. Clothing In Pack, Warm Weather:polartec fleece10.5 cotton undies3.5synthetic undies??Collumbia convertible pants11Varitec Short sleeve7Varitec Long sleeve7.5Emergency socks1socks2cotton gloves10. Luxury items:Drinking alcohol241.5digital radio (1AAA) 4Rumikub game13Otherknee brace3dryer lint0.52AAA batteries1halogen light(2AAA)1LED light1garbage bags:sleeping bag (2)??clothes??food??tent?? Food/Water:Food 48 water 64 TOTAL490.3oz30.64375lbs

06-09-2006, 12:23
ok the formatting got all messed up on this. I'll repost with a cleaner format later.

06-09-2006, 19:56
IMO, need more H20 capacity in a more manageable system, scrap the multitool, poncho's do not work when hiking long distance esp. on a muddy trail, is light a headlamp? (f not get one), less dryer lint (?), and at least bring a toothbrush ya swarmy character.

When do you leave?

06-09-2006, 20:57
I hear you loud and clear on the knee brace. Don't leave home without it. But cotton undies are famous for chafing -- the cotton fibers absorb water, swell up, and become very abrasive. A pair of cheap nylon swim trunks with a mesh liner work much better on the trail, dry faster, and don't chafe. I don't even like cotton to sleep in. The Eureka Timberline is a classic, but it weighs what, 8 pounds? Ouch. I agree on needing more water capacity, but bring a Platypus bag or even a couple of 1-liter Aqua Fina bottles -- much lighter, much cheaper, and an Aqua Fina bottle comes with a free liter of water inside! <g> What's with two pairs of cotton gloves? Not useful. Use a bandana to grip your cooking pot, and bring synthetic fleece gloves to keep your hands warm. The Micra tool is fine -- it's a little heavy for what you get, but it's not like one of those giant Leatherman tools. You'll eventually replace it with the <$10 Swiss Army Knife, the one with the scissors and the tiny blade. Dryer lint is pretty ultralight (I assume this is emergency fire starter?), but you could just bring a votive candle. Gorilla tape is useful if you find a gorilla on the trail. What's your halogen light? A headlamp with LED lights lasts a lot longer on a set of batteries (like 120-150 hours), and is easier to use than a flashlight.