View Full Version : Tick Tock Tick...

03-10-2003, 22:08
TIME HAS STOPPED!!! I'm 9 hours from hopping my bus and it seems like a year. I'm going to have to do a VERY short day my first or second day on trail to catch up on all the sleep i've missed.
On that note, 2 days from now i'll be curling up in my bag with a belly full of ramen, probably in the rain, happy as a man can be!

03-11-2003, 01:02
Good luck and we will look forward to hearing from you. So don't forget to drop us a line when you can.

03-11-2003, 17:37
yea, goodluck dude

03-24-2003, 17:11
I'm in Franklin NC, sick as a dog. Yall read up on me at trailjournals.com/csholes. My trail name is FUBAR, how appropriate eh, Sgt Rock? Hope all you fine folks are having half as much fun as I am.