View Full Version : 2007 AT hiking partner wanted (2006 training partner)

06-11-2006, 20:38
Hey everyone, im Krystal. I am 19 and looking for a partner. At the very least, Just someone that will do a thru hie NoBo or SoBo with me starting spring 2007. If you dont live in nj (i live in northern nj) thats fine, as long as we meet someonetime before we atrat the hike. if you do live within a reasonable commute, then i would love if we could train together. Short hikes, day hikes, or even weekend hikes to get used to doing it and build up our miles per day for the AT. e-mail me if interested. pkirnykss1820@hotmail.com I would prefer anyone who is interested to be aorund my age. Im more comfortable wiht people under 25. thanks


06-11-2006, 21:14
Hey, not sure what you are wanting but I am going solo but it would be nice to be able to start the hike with someone. I am 23 and live either in Ga or New Hampshire. I don't know if iwant a partner for the whole hike, just be good to know some people before I get out there. Hope your planning is going well, I am so excited I have been counting down the days. I am leaving March 9th, which leaves me with 271 more days.

GAME '07:D

06-11-2006, 21:31
Don't worry about finding a partner. There will be so many other folks around, especially if you northbound. Meeting people to hike with won't be a problem. I met a kid the first night on my hike and we did the next 850 miles together.