View Full Version : A.T thru-hike March 1st 2007...Want to join me?

06-15-2006, 07:53
OK, so i know i will meet a lot of people along the way, but i just cant see myself starting alone. Im 19, in good shape and can do between 12 and 20 miles per day. If you are around my age, can do about the same miles and are looking for a partner then let me know. I want to start March 1st, but can be a little flexible ifmy partner wants to start a week or so later. So long as we can make it back before August 20th. It would be a litle over a 5 1/2 month hike. Interested? IM from northern nj and would be starting in Georgia.

06-15-2006, 08:06
You are far too young and slow for me. jk
Have a wonderful hike.
I will be far behind you as I will start later and hike slower.

Moon Cricket
06-15-2006, 16:27
KRYSS1022- I will be starting on the 1st of March but a bit older then you. I hope for our sakes there will be good weather for the first few days. Good Luck

Moon Cricket

06-15-2006, 17:11
I plan to start around then and hopefully finish a little before Aug 20th, Fall semester starts that day for me. I don't know if I want a hiking buddy for the entire hike but i would be willing to start with someone. Also I noticed you are from Jersey, I'm from outside of Philly, so if you want to do some training hikes let me know.


06-16-2006, 01:31
hey, im 22 and will be starting on the same date most likely

i havent really settled into a pace yet, im still trying to figure out my exact packing list/weights, so who knows about speed. 12-20 sounds like a good starting range though

lemme know if you have any questions

see you on the trail!

06-17-2006, 22:07
Hey everyone!

your trip sounds a lot like mine. I will not be starting any later than March 10 (hopefully sooner) and would like to be done by Aug. 20-ish. I am from WV but know that part of NJ pretty well (spend nearly every summer up there). If we don't start the same day, I'm sure I'll see ya out there.

happy hiking!!