View Full Version : Ti pots from Snowpeak

03-12-2003, 13:16
Has anyone used the 3 piece titanium pot set from Snowpeak? weighs 7oz acording to the REI website.

03-12-2003, 13:33
Seems to me SGT Rock uses the Snow Peak Ti pots or at least one of them - see SGT Rock's packing list (http://hikinghq.net/packing_list.html)

SGT Rock
03-12-2003, 13:41
Yep, I have a set and realy like it. Light and not as expensive as the others out there. The big pot is only .72L which scares some people, but it is PERFECT! I have cut down to just carying the big pot with a foil lid for most trips these days.

03-12-2003, 14:49
I was just given the Primus Liteck Trek Kettle:


1 litre non-stick weighing in at 7 oz. with handle.

I haven't had a chance to cook in it much, but it looks sweet.

03-12-2003, 16:53
Rock, how much can you cook in the .72lt pot?(will a whole box of mac&cheeze fit?

SGT Rock
03-12-2003, 17:05
I've cooked a whole thing of liptons Rice or one of those standard packets. One thing about mac and cheese I've found is they are a waste of water if you cook per the instructions. I always make mine with 2 cups of water and it comes out just right. The only thing I ever had a problem cooking was a whole box of Zantrums which I eneded up taking two days to eat anyway.

03-12-2003, 20:26
Gosh Sarge....I can snarf down a whole box of Zantrums "Black Beans-n-Rice" and still want more! :) I thought you ARMY PUKES could eat TONS and want more....so says my son (Ft. Hood). BTW He wasn't too thrilled about staying in the Ft. Polk Hilton last fall..too many "crawly things" in the swamp. :D;)

Hawkeye....I also have the 7 oz. Snowpeak. Really like it. I would prefer a 1.5 L Ti pot and the sets large pot and lid. But then there are usually two of us. They cook great but ya gotta STIR!!

SGT Rock
03-12-2003, 21:25
When I eat dinnner I go with whole wheat tortillas and instant pudding to round out the meal. I suppose if I only ate the Zantrams I could eat the whole thing :D