View Full Version : Campground at the Pigeon River

03-12-2003, 20:30
Has anyone ever stayed at the campground at Waterville School Rd. or know anything about this campground?

What's it like? How much? Services? The usual.

03-15-2003, 11:50
Are you talking about Mountain Mama's?:-? :confused:

03-15-2003, 13:20
There is a hostel at Waterville School Rd called Standing Bear Farm but no campground.

There is a campground near Davenport Gap and Mt. Moma's though. It's listed as"Big Creek Ranger Station" in the guidebook I have. Maybe this is what you were asking about?

03-15-2003, 14:33
I took a walk up to Big Creek Ranger Station on a zero day. Real pretty area. As I recall, there were no hook-ups for RVs. It was a pretty basic National Park campground along the banks of the beautiful Big Creek. Here's some info I found on the web about the place.