View Full Version : Updates from Stratton

06-21-2006, 11:17
SOBO updates from Stratton, from yours truly (O'Riain).

As of this moment, I am sitting at the Stratton Motel, ran by Don who is a great guy! btw, with Carlos AKA Juice & Birdnut, an '02 NOBO doing a SOBO this year. This morning Scott AKA Lefty & the Cancer Kids Grizzly and Goat left for Rangeley and beyond. Eric AKA Professor Cheese & Fisherman Tom are 2-3 days North and in the Bigelow's headed south. The Marine's Easy and Pepper left yesterday morning for Rangeley and beyond as well.

Met up with Do-Rag who headed up North this morning, but no other NOBO's in the last couple of days. Maine is great when it isn't raining 7 days straight! Yet the 'skeeters tend to be the size of small birds here. Can't wait to get into the smooth strides of the South!


06-21-2006, 22:42
keep on keepin' on