View Full Version : Thirteen Falls tentsite-NH

06-22-2006, 14:55
Anybody here stay at this site for a night on their trek? I do not know anybody personally that has stayed there. If I stop there and the tent sites are filled, is there adequate area nearby to pitch my tent?

06-22-2006, 22:01
Thirteen Falls is a popular site. Most people hike in from Lincoln Woods on the Kanc. It's down off the ridge, so most thru-hikers don't go down there. The site has a caretaker during the summer, and collects about $8.00 per person.

If the sites are filled, or you don't want to pay the fee, then just hike a little further south so you are beyond the restricted zone, and there are ample bootleg sites.

For those unfamiliar with the area, the site is named not because of the waterfall in the area but it was originally the site of logging camp #13.

06-22-2006, 22:32
Thirteen Falls is probably the most remote formal campsite in the White Mountains. It's also the one at which you're most likely to see a bear. A couple of years ago the caretaker told me a bear reached into her walltent and grabbed a tube of toothpaste. The site, which I really like, has steel bear boxes for food (and toothpaste) storage. If you decide to camp nearby, be sure to take appropriate precautions. You don't want to get a bear, who's just doing what comes naturally, in trouble. Two or three years ago, a flying squirrel was also a frequent thief.