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03-13-2003, 13:19
I have a North Face Cats meow that weighs 3lbs. Thinking about a down bag. What company shuold I look at? (I'm a cold sleeper)

03-13-2003, 13:36
If money isn't an issue take a look at Western Mountaineering, Marmot, and Feathered Friends. Prices are a little steep but check ebay for some deals.

SGT Rock
03-13-2003, 13:38
I just a sweet deal on a Lafuma. I can't vouch for the temp rating yet, but it is a 30 ounce +800 down bag with a 27* rating for $130.

03-13-2003, 16:09
ummm Top - take a closer look at the specs on that bag - I think you will find that the 800 refers to the weight in grams - the only spec on the down that I saw was 90/10 - whatever that means (90 % goose and 10 % duck ???).

03-13-2003, 23:24
I gave up my 600fill Blue Kazoo and 800fill blanket for my Polarguard Delta Flight. Polarguard delta is about the same as 600fill down, take a look at the stats. Personally I like it much better.

03-13-2003, 23:40
The 800 refers to fill power. That is determined in a lab test where 1 ounce of down is allowed to loft up in a cylinder. The amount of space it fills in cubic inches is the fill power. The higher the number, the more air the down traps. Dead air is what keeps you warm. An ounce of 600 fill down only traps 75% as much air as an ounce of 800 fill. Fill power maxes out at 800+.
The 90/10 refers to the down content. 90% down plumules, 10% other feather bits and pieces.
If you have the $$$, you can't beat Western Mountaineering.

03-14-2003, 03:21
If you go Western Mountaineering bags look at it this way, a $350 dollar bag spread out over ten years is just 35/year for a killer bag....you probably spend that much on beer? women? song?

03-14-2003, 09:01
Well RedneckRye all I can tell from the way LaFuma advertises their bags is that the 800 for this particular bag is referring to the weight of the bag and not the fill power of the down - take a look at the French version of their catalog and I think you may get the same opinion French version of LaFuma catalog (http://www.lafuma.com/lafuma/COMMUN/produit/index_catalogue.asp?cd_categorie=14&cd_lang=FR)
In particular compare the 800 down bag with the 600 down bag with respect to weight (Poids)

For whatever reason LaFuma does not show the weight on their English language form of the catalog.

I do agree that normally 800 down would refer to fill power but in this case LaFuma is using (deceptively IMO) the weight of the bag as part of its name in such a way as make one think that 800 fill power down is being used.

It should be noted that LaFuma also has a synthetic fill bag also with the 800 in its name and this is what first keyed me into the fact that all is not as it seems on the surface.

Now since it is not stated what the fill power is of the down it COULD BE +800 fill power down but I suspect it is not.

SGT Rock
03-14-2003, 11:35
HOI, you are probably right on your assessment.

03-15-2003, 18:40
I have a Marmot Arroyo. I've been really happy with it. Marmot customer service is excellent. I just sent it back to have it inspected and to have the loft checked. They added 4 oz of down and checked it out for free. It looked great when they sent it back.

steve hiker
03-15-2003, 23:28
I got a $99 deal on a TNF Blue Kazoo and love it! The name "Blue Kazoo" is funky but it's an excellent bag. It's roomy and I've used it in the mid 20s under the stars, no tent just layed it out on my thermarest, and have been toasty warm every time not even the slightest bit cool.

Now I'm scheming to get a Western Mountaineering 0 for colder weather.

03-20-2003, 04:26
Feathered Friends, Western Mountaineering and Fairydown are the best bags on earth. Good luck finding a Fairydown though. All 3 are amazing companies.


03-20-2003, 10:36
I don't recommend feathered friends. THey are expensive, and very optimimistic on their rating. I would recommend western mountaineering though. I own both, and the western mounteering is FAR superior.

Gravity Man

03-20-2003, 21:19
Ratings are simply a guide, not anything you should trust or depend on. Your circulation, ground insulation, gender, shelter, energy level, exposure to wind and personal experience should be the factors that you consider when choosig a bag, not a rating.

03-21-2003, 14:21
I've had nothing but good experiences with Feathered Friends. I've got the hummingbird (20*) and it's weighs under two pounds and I think it's more like a 10* bag... I sleep warm though.

03-22-2003, 08:33
check out campmor 20 degree down 2lbs.4oz. for $110 bucks great bag.

03-24-2003, 10:19
A word about Marmot. There customer service is spotty and their materials a bit suspect. I bought an Arroyo a couple of years ago. After a year of use most of the down was gone from the chest and upper stomach area. Not shifted, but had actually disappeared. I washed the bag and sent it to Marmot (after sending several unanswered emails). They added a bunch of down and sent it back to me with some stickers (nice, eh?). The down hung around this time for about 9 months. I didn't bother to send the bag back this time and bought a Western Mountaineering bag instead.