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03-15-2003, 17:32
Every Sat. my father has breakfast with a group of WWII vets.
One of which is a deputy with the Macon County Sheriff's Dept. We have known this Deputy for years, he has a big interest in AT hikers, as he has assisted with many search and rescues. Apparently Fri. an AT "thru-hiker" walked into the Sheriff's Dept. ( Way on the East side of Franklin) and asked to
borrow money so he could get a motel room!!! The Deputy answered "we don't do that sort of thing, but if you'd go out a committ a crime, I'll make sure you get a bed for tonite."
What will the new age hiking community come up with next????

03-15-2003, 20:47
Now that's funny!

The lad's inventive - I give him that.

03-15-2003, 21:20
Now thats funny !!!!!