View Full Version : Last minute..anyone hiking the approach trail to Springer Mt.?

06-29-2006, 21:22
I am planning on hiking the approach trail from Amicalola Falls state park to Springer mountain with a friend of mine this weekend and was wondering if anybody from this forum was going to be in the area. This'll be my first hike since my trip to Peru in Oct '05 ( I spent 5 days on hiking the Inca trail - Salcantay route...totally recommend it).


Mountain Man
06-29-2006, 23:38
It looks like I'll probably miss you as I'm leaving out Friday evening and won't be back until Wednesday. A couple of weeks ago we put in some rock steps south of Nimblewill and some south of Springer, worked on some of the slipped treadway and put in a new Moldering privy at Black Gap Shelter. Always work needing done but I hope you find the trail in fair shape. I hope yall enjoy your hike and if you have a chance stop in to the Hike Inn and take you a break and get you a cold glass of lemonade and check out the place.

06-30-2006, 00:22
Hey Mountain man I might have seen you a couple of week ago. I hiked by a bunch of trail maintainers putting in steps and doing some other stuff. I think it was a saturday. The trail was looking really good around there.

Mountain Man
06-30-2006, 07:42
Thanks, Yeah it was a Saturday and I was with the crew working south of Nimblewill. I was the one with the Mountain Man look. Beard and long hair. :D

06-30-2006, 09:53
I had made plans to do that this weekend with a couple of more people. Both bailed on me and I decided to stay home. Things to do aroud here before I leave next week for vacation

07-02-2006, 22:00

Had a great hike on the approach trail. Mountain Man, the trail looked good and I did stop by the Hike inn and have a cool glass of lemonade on my way up to Springer Mountain...by the way, if you take the Hike inn trail and then head on to the approach trail does it add another mile to the hike...making it 9.5 miles? I ended up going alone for this trip, my friend got sick and couldn't go. It was my first solo hiking/camping trip...thought the campsite was pretty crowded so I wasn't really alone.
Thinking about doing the Pine Mountain Trail in western Georgia in a couple of weeks.


Mountain Man
07-02-2006, 23:11
Yeak if you started at the Hike Inn parking lot at the top of the falls it's 9 1/2 miles to Springer but if you started at the Visitors center it's more like 10 1/2 miles. Glad you enjoyed the hike.