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03-15-2003, 19:38
there is an interesting thread on backpacking.net



(the guy is a stove nut!)

I finally had the time to test it out. 3 ounces of alcohol burns for a whopping 47 minutes. A pot of water (500 cc) boils in under 4 minutes (sea level, ambient temp around 70). -- areality (from thread)

apologies for the cross post if its against forum rules.. but i know there is quite a few stove nuts on this board, and thought it might be of interest!

03-15-2003, 20:01
yes - I have been following the discussion over there about that type of stove - so far the advantages of the pitorch seems to be a fairly quick boil rate and easy lighting. It is my opinion so far that efficiency still needs to be determined and until it is shown to be better efficiency that SGT Rock's Ion stove I am not really interested in the pitorch - fast boil times are generally an indication of low efficiency. The pitorch still uses methanol and as such subjects the user to the same risks associated with using methanol - possible poisoning through skin contact is my biggest concern about that fuel. Now if someone showed a way to use a pitorch to burn isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) without generating a lot of soot then they would have my interest.

03-15-2003, 20:43
Worried about poisoning from methanol?

Carry a bottle with a dispenser type cap,
like on sports bottles. Fill the stove directly.

Secondly, you use the thing OUTDOORS
and any vapors are diluted so much that
you'd have to live 500 years to even
begin the have to worry about polluting

Do you realize that people sometimes drink
methanol, when they can't afford
vanilla extract or whiskey? It isn't
good for them, and they eventually go
blind, but they DRINK quarts of the stuff.

My gosh, some people should live in BUBBLES!

How did you ever get through High School
Chemistry class?


03-16-2003, 01:56
From the response of Scamp, I would say people in NJ need to learn to relax. It is a thread about a stove.

03-16-2003, 17:58
I've heard the complaint about 'methanol poisoning'
several times before.

It's RIDICULOUS, and so is the appropriate

If one spills a little methanol while filling
a stove, it will evaporate before it gets
through your skin. That's what skin does. It protects you from minor things. Just don't swim in, or drink,
the stuff.

Let's face it, next we'll start hearing complaints
about the carcinogens in campfire smoke, or the urea in bird droppings.



Walkie Talkie
03-16-2003, 21:21
Cathy you can't blame people from New Jersey for worrying about pollution. They won't even pump their own gas since it may splash on their hands and ruin the aroma of ther Italian meal.


03-17-2003, 21:45
Ok kids....let's hold the playgroung tiff till recess! :(