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07-04-2006, 08:51
I cannot claim ulrtralight since I think I am hitting the trail at about 35 lbs wet with 5 days of food. I am looking at a few packs to replace my 20 year old 7lb Gregory Cassin. The pack I had in mind was the ULA Catalyst. I have also hear about 40% of the thru-hikers are now carrying the Granit Gear Vapor Trail. THe company does not rate the weight capacity of this pack on their web site. Does anyone have any idea how it would do with 35 lbs? Are there any other suggestions? Any feed back on these 2 packs?

07-04-2006, 09:09
I have both of these packs. I carry 30-35 lbs for 6 day trips. IMHO the Catalyst carries the weight better, has more features and more volume. So I would pick the Catalyst over the Vapor Trail even though it is slightly heavier.

I have used the Vapor Trail for a couple years and have liked it. The Catalyst is seeing it's first season.

There has been discussion of this here and on other forums, so you might try at search.

Jack Tarlin
07-04-2006, 13:54
The Vapor Trail specs list it as good for up to 30 lbs. If you carry significantly more than this for any length of time, the pack will explode. I saw many examples of this in Hot Springs and Damascus this year. In my opinion, carrying 35lbs in a VaporTrail will destroy the pack in short order.

Incidentally the 40 per cent usage figure you cite (which is also on the Granite Gear website) seems a bit high to me. This is a good pack and a very popluar one, but I don't think it's THAT popular.

07-05-2006, 14:14
Anytime I got over 25lbs in my vapor trail it was uncomfortable. 20-25 and I didn't notice it was there.

The 0-zone would be a step up in wieght and capacity, I know a few people that carried these and had mostly positive things to say. There was one flaw and that was a screw that held the shoulder strap in loosened quite easily, if watched and kept tight this isn't a problem.