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07-05-2006, 02:48
Just wondering how many other crazy individuals like myself are planning on travelling half way round the world to thru-hike the AT. I'm from the east coast of Aus.

Additionally are you planning on carrying everything you start with (eg winter clothes) all the way to the end? (Considering the costs of sending stuff all the way back to your home country)
What about resupply? I've decided not to attempt to organise any postal resupply and just buy everything along the way, what about you?

07-05-2006, 10:51
For out of towners such as yourself, I would use a bounce box. In the US, post offices allow whats called General Delivery, where you can mail from post office to post office. It may cost you more, but considering the pain in the arse to carry winter clothes when its 80F outside, it may be worth the expense.
Type bounce box into the search box and you'll see lots of advice on the subject.

07-06-2006, 03:43
In '95, we met a group of 4 Aussies thru-hiking. They had a great time.
I believe they just bought what they wanted as they went along. (they were young and were into trying local food so grits and the like was just fine with them)
They had some Aussie gear and some American gear. I don't remember which. But I do know that it's a lot cooler in the east coast USA than it can get in Austrailia. especially in the smokies and new england.
Just check out some different threads on whiteblaze for what to bring? when to start? how to ship (there's a few places where that's necessary), etc. I imagine you are getting a 6 month visa which is plenty of time for a thru-hike. Depending on when it starts, you may want to consider a southbound hike. (lots less people, easier to know most all around you, less crowded shelters, after the whites anyway...........etc.
The more you read on this website, the more you will learn. feel free to ask anything. ( i once saw a question on here that the potential hiker wanted to know if they needed to filter the water that they were going to wash their clothes in, so, no question is too dumb i guess) most importantly, have fun! (i'm sure you will)

07-06-2006, 08:23
oh crap.. thank you so much for reminding me about the fact I need a visa! *starts applying straight away*, I'd forgotten that I will be staying more than 90 days and hence actually need a visa.

You mention "there's a few places where that's necessary" in regards to shipping, could you elaborate on this?
Mainly because I was under the assumption that one could theoretically thru-hike without using any shipping.
(which doesn't mean I'm not going to)

07-07-2006, 23:43
The ones' that come to my mind immedietly are Glencliff, NH and Port Clinton, PA simply because there are no grocery stores in those towns. (also Neels Gap, 30 miles from the southern terminus) There are others and i know there are a few threads on this subject here on whiteblaze so i won't get elaborate. Search the threads, i seem to remember Balt. Jack giving some excellent advise on the most needed maildrops.
But, yes you can hike the entire AT without any maildrops. it just makes it a bit easier and less weight in your pack if you use some.
good luck with your visa.

07-08-2006, 00:22
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I will definetly be searching the forums for more info as you suggest.

Kaptain Kangaroo
07-13-2006, 11:08
I'm from Sydney & just finished my thru-hike yesterday (hooray!!) I'm spending the next few days relaxing in Maine & then flying home on Saturday. I would be really please to help you plan your hike, answer any questions & let you know what worked for me (& what didn't). I will be back in Sydney on Monday 17th, give me a call on 02 9402 4515 & I can bore you with suggestions !! You can email me too.



07-13-2006, 16:36
good job! who is behind you ?do tell.