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ed bell
01-17-2010, 18:51
<snip>I pointed out that this Forum is about Lodging and Hostels in Vermont. Being a stickler for having threads in the proper places just simplifies the way forums work. While I understand that talking about who runs the facility and how they do so is part of this, discussing in depth the beliefs and social structure of this group gets into an area of discussion that gets easily off track.<snip>

Please respect the scope of this forum. This really isn't the place to dissect the scripture interpretations of this group. Also, the increasing font size and repetition of links is getting out of hand.


01-17-2010, 19:24
Sorry...I though this thread was about the Hostel in Rutland and who ran it ... My mistake( I am an expert about the Twelve Tribes and I work for the largest anti-cult website on the net as a News Editor http://www.factnet.org/ )... So I assume my help is not needed here...So I'm outta here... HI HO SILVER!

who was that masked man?

01-19-2010, 22:41
So I'm outta here... HI HO SILVER!

About time. <shaking head>

01-20-2010, 12:23
Now you are really off topic...

but I'll use it as a segue... The Twelve Tribes believes the Catholic Church is the "Harlot of Babylon" and all the denominations that spun off her, all t <Snip>

Dude. With the huge bold fonts and your religious rant here, you look as if you are as big of a freakazoid as the "tribe" poeple you so strongly admonish.

Freaky Deaky.... :bse

Simply put, I'd feel safer with the tribe! :eek:

01-20-2010, 12:25
Sorry...I though this thread was about the Hostel in Rutland and who ran it ... My mistake( I am an expert about the Twelve Tribes and I work for the largest anti-cult website on the net as a News Editor http://www.factnet.org/ )... So I assume my help is not needed here...So I'm outta here... HI HO SILVER!

who was that masked man?

Thank you, Mr. Masked Man.

01-20-2010, 12:30
Agree a bit with Tex- whenever people "yell" through bold and huge lettering, makes me wonder...

This thread is starting to get really out of hand. Wait, did I say starting?

Grinch's response was the best out of the last couple pages. HYOH, now let's let this thread die in peace.

01-20-2010, 12:33
Thank you, Mr. Masked Man.


01-20-2010, 13:29
REgardless of what one thinks of the Tribe critics, if their quotes from the Tribes documents are at all correct, the 12 Tribes are a very weird organization, with very weird and damaging beliefs.

01-20-2010, 14:11
I can't speak to the 12 tribes ideas or theology or goals or whatever. I can say that I saw many of their members at a long trail festival in 2007 I think it was. They where all very warm and friendly and among the few not slamming down beers. I did not hear any of them speaking scripture or in any way trying to convert people.

So either they don't do that or that comes later in which case they would be a sneaky bunch. Just going from my own observations here.


01-20-2010, 14:31

Apropos of nothing, here's some Lenny Bruce!

07-17-2013, 16:29
There have already been over 550 posts on the Hikers Hostel on Center Street in Rutland VT, hundreds of which deal with the religious organization behind it.
I was completely unaware of this controversy when I stayed here last week. While I respect the decision of those who choose not to stay at any place due to this group's beliefs
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Tribes_communities#Twelve_Tribes_and_race_c ontroversies
this post will report only on the quality of the stay.

If you have left the rail station and the Walmart Mall, and then proceeded east on Center Street, the sign for the Yellow Deli will soon appear on north side of the street.
If arriving by shuttle bus at the Marble Valley Regional Transit Center, just walk up the stairs towards the south entrance, look right as you walk onto Center Street, and the Deli should be easy to see.
The front door to the Hostel
notes that you check in at the Yellow Deli or, if the Deli is closed (3pm Friday to midnight Sunday), call the cell phone of the caretaker.

The cost for my night's stay was $20, payable by cash or credit card. Work for stay can also be arranged, but I have no details on that.

The bunkrooms are upstairs, with one room for men and one for women. Each room has nine beds
and each bed has its own sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, & washcloth. There is a bathroom & showers adjacent to each bedroom, with soap & shampoo provided. There are plenty of outlets for electronic devices, but no wifi provided.

The Hostel has a common room
with places to sit, as well as some reading material.
The kitchen
supplies cups & utensils, and has a small refrigerator, coffee maker, & microwave.

On mornings when the Yellow Deli is open, a stay at the Hostel also comes with a breakfast of coffee & egg sandwich. Alcohol, tobacco, & illegal drugs are strictly prohibited; and pets are not allowed inside. Doors lock at 10:30pm, and lights out is at 10:45pm.

All people at the Hostel were exceptionally friendly and eager to ensure a pleasant stay. Except for brochures on the organization available for reading, I experienced no proselytizing.

Jack Tarlin
07-17-2013, 17:13
Remarkable. This thread is still going, seven years later. Just want to go on record to say that for various personal reasons, mainly based on talking to lots of people much better informed than me, I would choose NOT to stay here, nor would I support in any way their ventures, businesses, restaurants, bakeries, etc., nor, in truth, would I continue to talk about 12T as a friendly, fuzzy, benign kind of place, as i once did. In fact, I regret some of my earlier comments on this thread. But as I suggested several years ago, I urge interested people to read, talk to other people, get informed, and then make the decision that's best for them.

07-17-2013, 19:11
I've stayed there 3 times on various hikes. My assessment matches yours GoldenBear. They make a lot of their own meals(all?/many of them vegetarian), breads, pastries, no alcoholic drink concoctions, etc that are DELISH! If you aren't a fast food cellophaned packed type eater and want FRESH HEALTHY food this is a must stop if near Rutland. It's also centrally located downtown and cheap buses get you there from the AT/LT TH. NEVER NEVER, when I expressed my unwillingness to not here about their religion/cult/orginization/whatever you wish to cal it, had my wishes over ridden by ANY of the members! With the right hiker/visitor attitude, this has been one of my favorite AT/LT stops in VT!

07-31-2013, 21:56
I stayed at the Yellow Deli 3 different times during my hike, once when I flipped over to Rutland from Maine and hiked to Hanover, again when I came back, and lastly after I got injured and had to fly out of Rutland to Boston. I think I spent a total of 8 days with them (injury). Basically, here is what I came to figure out:
1. They are genuinely nice people, they value the hard work you put in if you want to do work for stay.
2. Unless you give them a big door to walk through, they are not preachy about their beliefs.
3. Do not go there if you are a couple and not married...
4. Really, don't stay for more than 2 full days at a time...I think they thought they were indoctrinating me, don't want to mislead them.

If you do stay there and want to take a zero or a double zero, go to the farm if you want to do work for stay, a couple of guys I was there with did it and they had a great time.

I won't sit and tell you it's not a cult, it is, they have their strict rules and the people there make a choice to live like that - I couldn't do it. If you don't like the way they live, don't stay there - simple as that. I'll surely go back if I make it back to Vermont.