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Old Hillwalker
07-13-2006, 13:05
The Ore Hill Shelter is a open sided leanto of logs. Built only a couple of years ago it is in pretty good condition with a very good roof. Water source is very poor being a small set of pools located in a little ravine about 50 yards SW of the shelter. In the summer it may be dry or nearly so. The Privy is located about 100 yards E and consists of 3 half walls and a "gangplank" style door that no longer raises so there is minimal privacy.

Mice are a problem.

The "gangplank" privy door is due for rebuilding into a functional door as soon as I can get in there to do the work. The new door will still be a half door to match the walls. The privy pit is nearly full, so the location will be changing soon I hope.

Coming NOBO last sure water is at the Rte 25 crossing, and from there to the shelter is VERY buggy and swampy on the Atwell Hill trail section.

Coming SOBO last sure water is from the stream crossing just before the Rte 25C crossing at the big Power Lines. Continuing SOBO, You will walk beside the "manmade" Ore Hill Mine, supply pond. Since Ore Hill Mine is a Superfund site from Lead Ore contamination, I don't think that I would take water from there. However, the mine itself is slightly downhill S/W from the pond and is currently being worked over by the USFS/EPA. The pond looks like a beaver pond, but is long and narrow with the earthen dam at the W end.


Old Hillwalker
07-13-2006, 13:07
I forgot to add the date of the prev. posting July 14, 2006

12-06-2009, 18:30
The mosquitoes in this area are absolutely god-awful-some of the worst I encountered on the entire trail, if not the absolute worst. Might want to set up your tent instead.

12-06-2009, 19:41
I agree, those mosquitos in that area are fierce.

11-16-2011, 13:13
I just found out that Ore Hill was found burnt down by a local hiker (and AT adopter) last weekend. Anybody know when it was last seen unburned?

TJ aka Teej
11-21-2011, 18:31
Ore Hill Shelter - Burned down
The Ore Hill Shelter, along Dartmouth Outing Club's section (NH/VT guidebook section 7) burned down sometime in late October. ATC, DOC and Forest Service partners are investigating the cause and local situation. There are no current plans underway to replace it; however, as many A.T. club maintainers know, our system of continuous overnight shelters, lean-tos and campsites requires continuity. ATC will inform the public about the club's and partners' plans as soon as they are known. (Updated 11/17/11)

TJ aka Teej
11-21-2011, 18:31
Any info on the who/why?

11-21-2011, 18:46
Any info on the who/why?

That might be pretty hard to determine. A shelter built of logs has to take some serious effort to burn down. Can't see how it could have been an accident, but I suppose that is possible. Yahoo's trying to stay warm in late October can do some pretty crazy things...

11-21-2011, 19:25
Late October sounds like maybe a halloween Prank gone bad. It would take some petrol to burn down a log shelter.

11-22-2011, 20:38
It would take some petrol to burn down a log shelter.

I just mention in another post that sparks from a campfire can burn out acres of forest land. Just wondering if an improper stove in winds or on the right conditions can just as easily burn down a structure...

06-16-2015, 12:29
Not much to add, except that
The shelter, which burned down in 2011, will not be replaced. Tents sites and a new privy are available at the site of the former shelter. (Revised 5/9/2014)

2) Water is presently plentiful; indeed, the trail is a bit muddy in the area.
3) Possibly as a consequence of (2), mosquitoes are still bad.
4) The site is surprisingly clean, even near the fire ring. Can we keep up the good work by realizing that neither aluminum nor plastic burns in fires?