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07-15-2006, 17:12
Howdy hey all! Thanks for the good wishes from the other thread. Sly, I stayed at Serranos. Was too busy for me to eat there, though. :(

Made to HElena where I went to the thrift store to buy a new shirt with buttons! Also picked up a cotton T I am using for this town..both for the princely sum of $2. My hitch was a trail angel beyond call of duty...shuttling me all over town! Cool beans! The nice people you meet out here.
The montana ridge walks are just AWESOME!

I am getting ahead of schedule..so to answer a few questions:
1) I will be in Anaconda July 18th. Will be taking a zero day (no hiking/day off) on July 19th. I have some photo stuff to do with my bounce box, I am ahead of schedudle, etc.
I will be in Mack's Inn ~ August 3rd.

Well, stuff to do! Read more in my journal (sending out later tonight) and the Daily Camera articles.
until next time!


Black Toe
07-15-2006, 19:32
Awesome Mags! I'm glad to hear that things are going well.

TJ aka Teej
07-15-2006, 20:26
You still need a new pot, Mags :D
The photos on www.pmags.com (http://www.pmags.com) are supurb, hope you post one of the Grizzley soon!