View Full Version : Damascus - The "Ole Barn"

Lone Wolf
03-23-2003, 12:58
A new business, the "Ole Barn" is a bike sales, rentals and shuttler for the Creeper Trail BUT they also have a kick ass deli and ice cream shop. A good size menu to choose from. I highly recommend the peach pie ice cream! Ron & Debbie Reed, the former owners of Quincey's Pizza are the owner/operaters. They are extremely hiker friendly and will provide hiker shuttles. Call toll free for shuttle rates @ 1-866-475-5727. The "Ole Barn" is right on the Creeper Trail as you hike north out of town across from Dot's.

03-23-2003, 17:45
Did I hear ICE CREAM??????:D

Jack Tarlin
03-24-2003, 17:56
Will happily to defer to Wolf on this matter....he LIVES in Damascus, after all, so he knows what he's talking about as far as that town is concerned....just want to say that the folks who are running this new business are GREAT folks who were great friends to thru-hikers for many years. I look forward to checking out their new place, in fact I hope to do so in a few days when I pass thru town on my way South.