View Full Version : madison spring hut concert mon nite by thrus boy

07-22-2006, 21:26
thrustriss clothspin,...aka..julie ann who walks with thoro the husky just called and said patrik her boyfriend is performing his folky music at the madison spring hut . mile 1847.8 ,...monday night.some of you may have heard of clothspin as she asked the now famous question,"what if a bear comes while your asleep?" to witch the much more noted response was,.."their will be no bears while you are sleeping"also of note is her dogs ability to turn completly green utilizing nothing but cow poop.patricks claim to fame is that julie anns first night at neels gap she spoke of him thereby sending a wave of,.."dont hit on clothspin,...shes got a boyfriend meeting her on katadin" down the trail via the secret male code used for just these such events.clothspins original partner was cruch who handed her over to me in franklin where he stopped to heal.the rest is history. and red blaze can tell it the best. alot of ******* and fun.