View Full Version : Greetings from Lewis and Clark country...

07-24-2006, 13:30
Howdy all...

I am now at the 500+ mile mark. AND MY SHOES SHOW IT! :D

Currently in Salmon, ID. Picked up some new shoes (yeah!) and taking a zero mileage day. Think after hiking 500+ miles, I can take a day off. :-)

As Jeff mentioned on CDT-L, saw him on my way to Storm Lake. Many thanks for the caffiene and sugar Jeff!

Supposedly this town is where Sacagawea was born (or at least in this area!). Of course, there is ANOTHER town that also makes the claim, too. Safe to say she was born somewhere in this vicinity. Been passing many L&C sites. Should have brought my abridged L&C journals for the MT/ID section of the CDT. C'est la vie!

To further whet my history buff appetite, I am also in the area where Chief Joseph and the Nez Pierce fled the American troops. An epic walk that makes my jaunt look quite tame. If I had the time, could easily spend weeks following the routesof L&C or the Nez Pierce.

Received some care packages. Thanks! As a side note, be sure to send the packages to Paul MAGNANTI not Paul MAGS. :D The POs in these small towns are pretty laid back..but there was some confusion for a brief time. Lucily my nickname/trail name is easy to figure out.

Thanks to everyone as always. Looks like friend Emily posted some pics to go with my journal!

until next time!