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07-30-2006, 16:28
boulder here.

at home in Portland, ME. most likely off the trail for the '06 season after injuring my foot a few weeks ago 10 miles north of Kent, CT. i've been on crutches since then. lots of elevation, lots of ice, very little improvement. x-rays say no fracture. had MRI in friday. see my sports med doc again on tuesday. expecting her to tell me about what treatment and recovery i'm looking at now. would love to hear that i'm trail ready but don't expect it.

so, here i sit at home. keeping my spirits up, but missing the trail like hell. would love to hear from any portlanders, mainers, new hampshireites, or new englanders in general who have finished or are finishing this year. would love to hear from any thru hikers from past years in this area.

send a message, would be great to chat.
[email protected]

08-01-2006, 23:13
Holy crap, what's up boulder? I met you way back just before Fontana Dam, like maybe around March 20? We were camped out a few miles from town with this old dude, Ozzy and that girl Kim. I seem to recall you spilling some food all over the place? Some people you'd been hiking with passed by in the late evening to night hike into Fontana Village and you hurriedly packed up all your stuff and went with them. We all thought you were nuts. Maybe this rings a bell.

Sorry to hear you had to get off the trail, but hope your hike was enjoyable anyway. I was in Portland (well, Scarborough) for almost a month after finishing my thru hike in June, and wondered if you were still on the trail. Good luck man, hope things work out for the best and your foot is nothing serious. Cheers.

08-02-2006, 17:34
Bleach, if you check this tread again, damn... i rememer that night like it was yesterday. Was a damn good night and a damn good hiking day all around. But, ummmm, you thought I was nuts for hiking on the Fontana and you finished your hike in JUNE???? Congratulations. I remember you well even though it was only for a short time. You were doing big miles, big big miles. Bushwacker thought you were a girl because of you stature and your hat. We all thought it was hilarious. Bushwacker's hilarious. He's off trail now too. He got very sick in NJ, paralysis, hospital, now in pt.

Long story, but great to hear from you.


6's and 7's
08-04-2006, 18:47
This is Granite, I dont think we've met, but i hiked with bushwacker for a while and a few other people who have mentioned you. Im up near Caratunk,ME right now with Grizzly,Snake,Overflow,Doogie,And whats left of the Maine Train. I live in Bar Harbor, and im going to be visiting my sister a lot when im done (between august 13th and 15th) and she lives in portland right now. Hope your foot is getting better, and remember-the trail isnt going anywhere.

08-06-2006, 11:05
Skinny D here. I met bleach and woodcrow(I think was his name) in Rangley on my way thru. I had to cut my trip short because my wife got pregnant! This was the only reason I would have come off the trail.

But I managed to hike all of Maine and into Gorham before getting picked up by my wife. I will get back on and try again probably after I retire:(.

I had a wonderful experience and met so many wonderful people while I was out there. Very sad to have to stop, but the trail will be there when I am ready again!

09-01-2006, 14:22
Hey Boulder,

My hiking partner and I met you in TN just out of Standing Bear. We were just going by James and Justin at the time, but we were given our trail names Rocky and Bullwinkle in VA. We're from Portland. We summited Katahdin on July 20. Hope you get finish the trail someday!

-Bullwinkle (Justin)

09-01-2006, 18:53
hi boulder , i enjoyed walking with you in tn and nc . sorry to hear about your foot. your name came up alot during my travles north this summer. i had a nice conversation with a nice libraian ( sp) in ny who knew ya. also alot of other hikers i met along the way. oh well it was fun traveling with you for a time this summer. long haul 06

09-05-2006, 13:50
Hi Boulder,
I didn't meet you this year, but I almost summited with several people that were moving to Portland after their thru-hike. It was Helium and Sunshine. It was cool for them because it was like they were hiking to a new home. I don't know if they're on White Blaze, but look around for them.

you might know more about them. I never met you either, but alot of those guys in that group had talked about you. I think some of them were hanging out with you in Bennington on the 4th? Cruze, Applesauce, and I were supposed to meet up with Snake and Overflow there, but Snake never called me, and we ended up staying in Rutland. Take care!

Jack Tarlin
09-05-2006, 15:38

ALDHA, the App. Long-Distance Hikers Association, maintains an excellent State-by-State (end even Town by Town) listing of former thru hikers. It'd be a great way to find hikers from the Portland area. (see www.aldha.org; I'm sure they'd send you a Directory for a small donation, or it's mailed free to their members). Plus, there are all sorts of Maine people that are regulars here, including ATTroll, WalkingHome, Teej, Weary, Java, and some more I'm forgetting. Another good way to see people would be to attend the Whiteblaze Gathering in the Forks (near Caratunk) in a couple of weeks. If you go to the "Hiker Get-togethers" section of this site, you'll find more info on the event.