View Full Version : redledge raingear?

Dan Bowen
03-29-2003, 17:14
can anyone out there recomend redledge raingear.I'm having a hard time finding raigear that fits right.I need an 2x and not many companys offer that size.I tryed on a redledge jacket that fits and it also has the pit zips .I've tried froggs trogg but hated the fit plus they dont have the much needed pit zips.Has anyone used redledge raingear before?Does the stuff breath?thanks

03-29-2003, 17:23
I have an older Red Ledge jacket without the zips.. It was O.k. but I like my Precip stuff a lot better...If you get teh red ledge make sure the model you have has storm flaps over the zipper...mine did not and it was a source of leaking in hard rain. ... I don't think it breathed as well as other rain jackets...

03-29-2003, 17:27
look on backpackgeartest.org

ALl the reviews of both models have only been positive. THe Precip stuff is expensive....im looking also to get the thunderlight suit, only $79.


03-29-2003, 21:20
I don't have the red ledge rain gear -- but i do have a red ledge winter coat that I've often worn in the rain and snow -- including during cold weather hiking. I've never had a problem with it -- it's always kept me warm and dry. If my experience with this coat is any indication, the rain gear should work fine.

For the record, I have Marmot Precip rain gear -- which also works like a charm.

-- Ivy

03-30-2003, 10:25
I used Redledge rain gear on my thruhike last year. Jacket-$50.00 and pants$35.00. I had good results, I got a little wet during some rain storms more from sweat than from the rain. The rain gear works well as a wind break. From talking to others on the Trail last year I found that even the best raingear would sweat on the inside in certain circumstances. I was glad that I hadnt spent so much and seemed to recieve the same results. Also it packs very small.