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08-04-2006, 13:41
So, I bought a 2750ci pack for my thru next year. I've been working really hard to keep my weight down, and knew that a smaller pack would have the added benefit of forcing me to pack light. This morning I gathered everything together and packed up to see what my weight was. I trimmed a few labels and cords. I repacked a few other things. I even packed in food to get a more accurate weight. The final total without water or fuel was 20.2 pounds.

But, there's a big problem. My little pack was so stuffed I couldn't close it. I'd love to have room for a few extras (stationary to write to my husband with, a small sketch pad and pencils) but I need to free up some space first. Any ideas?

In case it helps, my pack is a Gregory Tega, which is like a smaller version of a Z. I have my tent and sleeping bag stuffed all the way in the bottom, my sleeping pad strapped to the outside, and I'm not carrying much in the way of clothes.

08-04-2006, 13:46
Any ideas?

What kind of sleeping bag are you carrying? Down or synthetic? A down bag will save lots of space. Also, your cook pot and stove. I know you bought a whisperlite. Think about changing to a soda can stove. Tinman sells 'em cheap here (http://www.antigravitygear.com/).

08-04-2006, 13:47
That's pretty small. Know you already have the pack and probably don't want to consider getting another one but you might need to, especially if you can't get all of the "essentials" in there, much less any luxury items.


08-04-2006, 14:02
That's pretty small. Know you already have the pack and probably don't want to consider getting another one but you might need to, especially if you can get all of the "essentials" in there, much less any luxury items.

'SloggerI agree. Besides the sleeping bag, what kind of tent is it? Although, I'd probably switch the pack first.

You can add a little room with a belt pouch, maybe 100-200 cubic in.

08-04-2006, 14:09
You could think about compression sacks for your sleeping bag, tent, and/or clothes. I wouldn't recommend this for the sleeping bag or tent unless you have to. You can also carry your water on the outside of your pack, if you get MSR Dromedary bags - or something like them. Tent poles can be strapped to the outside, too.

The stove is the first thing I'd think about changing. Whisperlights aren't terribly packable, and there's the feeder hose to worry about too. Alcohol or canister would probably save a fair bit of room.

What cook set do you carry? These can be pretty bulky even if they're lightweight.

Contrary to what seems to be the popular opinion, I'd try everything you can (within reason) before getting another pack. Packs aren't cheap. Plus, if you can figure out how to make it work, you'll know your gear AND your pack inside out by the time you get done. You'll also have streamlined your gear really well, and have a good routine worked out for packing and unpacking - which will save you a lot of time and hassle on the trail.

As always, just my .02 :D

Time To Fly 97
08-04-2006, 14:12
Consider lashing your tent to one of the sides - bottom of the tent in one of the side nets and compression straps for the top. Put stuff that will only be used in camp in the side pocket the tent would cover. Balance this out with water on the other side.

You could also put some things in between the main pack and the top pack, like outer layers. Secure them in with the main pack compression strap, then put the top pack on and compress.

Maybe use a compression bag for your sleeping bag? This probably takes up the most space.

Use a sode can stove (see MOGLI16), or keep MSR fuel bottle outside (attach anywhere as long as it doesn't swing around).

Buy or make a hip belt pocket - 5x7" - keep maps and "office" here?

Consider writing a journal on postcards and sending them to your husband. They take up little space. You can buy the postcards with blank fronts and backs at post offices. I brought a pen with waterproof ink.

Consider only using the active section of data books, maps, etc. Divide these books up and send the inactive sections ahead with your resupply boxes or bump box.

For medical kit, toiletries like toothpaste, etc, squeeze out excess that you won't need for more than say 10 days. Resupply these items with your bounce box. Take a look at any plastic containers like deoderant and replace them with ziplocks, etc.

Combine food to cut down on packaging. Any plastic containersare candidates for replacement.

Happy hiking!!


08-04-2006, 14:22
I agree, tent to the outside. An added bonus, it is right at hand with no unpacking if you need to set it up in a downpour. Having it at the bottom means unpacking EVERYTHING to get drenched until the tent is up. With the tent outside, the pack stays closed and safe.

08-04-2006, 14:24
But, there's a big problem. My little pack was so stuffed I couldn't close it. It'll be worse on the trail. You will never be able to pack it as well on a rainy morning as you do at home.

I like lashing my tarptent on the outside of the tent. It saves a lot of space and I don't have to put a dripping wet tent inside the pack, but the main reason is that I can completely pack and close up my pack INSIDE the tent on a rainy morning. Then I emerge with rain gear on, fold up the tent and lash it to the pack, and start slogging.

08-04-2006, 14:28
Another trick I used in the winter was to add a side cargo pocket, giving space for extra bulky warm clothes, then sent it home when cold weather was over.

08-04-2006, 14:39
My suggestion to switch the pack should have included, if it's returnable.

Here's a picture of the pack.

I'm not sure a tentbody will fit anywhere outside the main pocket except the mesh back pocket. That's where I would put my tarp and rain jacket. As a number of people suggest, it's good to have it out of the main body and accessible. It will often be wet. You could potentially put the tent between the closed main comp. and the top lid also. That would free up a bit of space.

Unfortunately, the angled water bottle holders do not look like a good place to store anything other than a water bottle. I put my fuel bottle in mine. Med kit in the other.