View Full Version : dirty shelter - chestnut ridge shelter

03-30-2003, 19:51
chestnut ridge shelter ,hey out there just back from chestnut knob couldnt belive the shape of the shelter .there was piss bottles full of piss strewn throughout the shelter.trash laying everywhere .hard to belive that any hikers done this .we all know the rules pack it in pack it out .as a member of path i dont mind cleaning up the trail ,but other peoples filth is another

04-08-2003, 21:25
We stayed at this shelter in June 2002 and it was a real nasty mess then. I have to think people hike up from the road and party in the shelter.

07-15-2004, 20:21
As of 11/2003, the shelter was in immaculate condition, as was the surrounding area. Cudos to the maintainers........:clap