View Full Version : Locating the Mobsters SOBO 06

08-06-2006, 12:47
I know this is a long shot, cuz most here are cyber hikers...
I fell into a band of roaming idiots heading south, Just after the BIG K.. My section ended in Gorham NH, but theirs continue to Springer.. IF anyone sees or hears from the likes of ....

A hiking machine who wears pink spandex bike shorts, flower bandanas, and calls himself wargehyagi... He carries one walmart pole, given to him by a certain insane box boy at white house landing, and one beaver cut sapling.. he is wearing a green external frame and stops often to ring the sweat out of his socks....

A true gentleman among hikers.. Some may have heard of his exploits last year on the trail.. An Englishman who was dubbed "Brit" by his contemporaries... Brit bestowed his Lebowski loving onto me, dubbing me "El Duderino"...which was later shortened to "The Dude" I thank him deeply for this most excellent trail name, and wish him luck in his future endevours.. BRIT...if your reading this....DUMP THE GIRL AND HEAD FOR GEORGIA!!!..He should be passing through vermont right now..

Buddah is a young hiker, just out of high school.. very laid back.. Buddah would give you the shirt of his back if you asked him...

Grit is a brit from england.... he is stubborn about his pack weight, but knows he must get it lower so his ankles don't hurt so much.. If you see him, offer to take his stuffed penguin off of his hands..

Shanghai.. A swiss ambassador to China, He wines and dines fellow mobsters, impressing with his knowledge on world politics, history and economics.. His military background shows through in his swiss army knife, which he weilds merclessly on his foes.. it should not be understated that this is the officers knife...not the walmart kind..

thanks to all the mobsters for making this years section so astounding...if you see any of these yahoos on the trail,,,,,,turn and run the other direction...j/k...tell them the DUDE says hello, and to keep on truckin'!!

El Duderino