View Full Version : Hikers in Damascus

03-31-2003, 08:22
Would like to know how many thru-hikers have already made it to Damascus this season? Seems like the leading edge of the "crowd" is near Hot Springs right now.

Lone Wolf
03-31-2003, 08:40
Around 25 so far.

Jack Tarlin
03-31-2003, 17:26
Didn't see any hikers when I passed thru town a few days ago, but I DID stop in to check out the new facilities at the Old Mill----it's extremely well restored, with very friendly staff. Met the new owner who was very friendly and is looking forward very much to hiker season. I urge all of you guys to check this place out either during your trips, at Trail Days, or both, as the the new management team seem to me to be a vast improvement over the previous folks, and they seem very eager to meet this year's hikers.

I also spent time at Mt. Rogers Outfiters and once again want to urge the Class of 2003 to continue patronizing these folks; there are a bunch of new hiker-related businesses this year, but MRO has been taking good care of thru-hikers for years and years,and absolutely deserves our continued patronage and support.

So much for Damascus report.......off to Springer tomorrow. See you guys somewhere down the line.....

03-31-2003, 17:46
When I had a backpack problem Mt. Roger's Outfitters went way our of their way to give me a hand (calling the manufacture, etc). Great people, definitely you should go in there an check out the gear!

Gravity Man

03-31-2003, 19:46
MRO also sells stuff over the phone, and from thier web site.

Last year I wanted just the Trangia burner, and they were the only people who I could find who would sell me one without a stand or a pot. I think it was $12 bucks. The best thing was they sent it immediately and tossed in a bag of candy.

RIck B