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03-31-2003, 17:58
I got an Osprey Aether 60 about a month ago and I really love it, but I have one problem. On the shoulder strap, it has a clip for a hydration system tube, but there seems to be no great place to put the water. In the last internal frame pack I used, there was a great pouch right against the back inside the pack and there was even a little hole for the tube to come out. If I put the water in the bottom of my pack, the weight is too low and the tube is not long enough, but if I put it in the top cover thing, the weight is too high. Does anyone have any good remedies or know of a secret place for my water that I haven't yet found?

03-31-2003, 18:49
My wife places it in the large pouch on the face of the pack. It does fit well in there and it seems to be designed to hold a platypus - there is even mesh on the bottom in case of a leak. The obvious drawback here is that water is more dense than most things in your pack and having it away from your back makes the weight feel even heavier. Others we knew put it in the cover or just stuffed it in the pack against their back. So I guess my answer is no, there is no secret trick for the Aether 60, but I would recommend using the pouch that my wife uses.

Hammock Hanger
03-31-2003, 19:03
Weight should normally be placed high and close to the back. However, it was easy to get to the Platty when needed for refills etc. HH

04-01-2003, 08:49
I used the Aether 60 on our thru-hike, and carried the MSR 2 liter hydromedary bag. The problem is, they changed the design on the Aether 60 after they made the one I have, mine has a large "pocket" on the back (or the front, depending how you look at the pack, probably much in the same place that Presto's wide placed hers) that was all nylon and had a clip at the top, and it held a hydration pouch very easily, with plenty of room for the hose to reach around. Now, apparently, there is a large mesh pocket in it's place which doesn't do the job as well.

The few times that I had "other things" to put in the pocket, I just put my hydration bag inside the pack, packed in between 2 stuff sacks, and dragged the hose out in between the top pouch and the pack bag. Taking a chance on spilling, I guess, but it never failed.

Good luck to you!

04-04-2003, 13:47
I recently purchased an Aether 60. One reason was the mesh pocket on the front to hold a platypus. I have always disliked carrying water inside my pack. A 3 liter zip loc platypus fits fine with hydration. Only limit is the hose is barely long enough. The weight at that spot does not seem to matter with a 30 lb pack overall. The compression straps help hold the Platypus in place as well.

04-05-2003, 05:28
I got the impression the hydration bag is meant to go in the top lid of the pack, can anyone with a recent model elaborate on this? I have been considering it as a replacement for my current one and since I use hydration bags this is an important feature for me.

04-05-2003, 07:30
I have the 2003 model. It does not have any special provision for a hydration pack in the top lid (like an exit port for the hose.) However, a squarish 2 liter hydration bladder would fit easiy and work well I think. I still like using the front pocket and for a 3 liter bladder it is the best location as my platypus bladder is narrow and long. The Aether is a nice pack and I have no regrets on its purchase. I just started using a hydration system and I think it beats digging for water bottles and especially trying to put them in the side pockets. Mine (size medium) weighed in at 3 lb 6 oz which is very close to the specified weight of 3 lb 7 oz. I have the green color which is neutral and blends in well. I think the yellow ones are too vibrant but sure easy to find when on the ground.

04-05-2003, 11:21
Thanks hokie, I was thinking hydration compatable meant there was a special pocket and so on. I guess I will add it to my list of meaningless marketing terms....

I wouldnt mind seeing a hydration pocket on the back panel with external access :-?

BTW how much weight will it comfortably handle?

04-05-2003, 11:50
With 30 pounds it is very comfortable. I have tried it with 40 lb and that would be about the limit I think. My target for a week long trip with food and water is around 35 lb. It adjusts well for torso length but the hip belt is fixed. My medium hip belt seems large on me (34 inch waist). The belt won't go much smaller. It will go quite a bit large though.

04-07-2003, 18:01
Alright, thanks guys. I think I'm going to sew in a pouch for my platypus in the back panel. I really want to keep the weight close to my back, so I guess this will be the best method.